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Coach V is an amazing Keynote Speaker and Coach. He has an excellent ability to connect with his audience and gain their trust. His life lessons are real and people can easily relate. He has made a significant positive impact on our people and our organization is absolutely grateful for his Leadership.

Lucy-Mirela Stanciu

Vice President of Operations, Beshay Enterprises

I have known Coach V for over a decade and watched him perform as a football coach, a mentor, and a keynote speaker. Without hesitation I can say that he is one of a kind! His message is one that any organization/client would benefit from hearing and at all levels! Our organization has used him several times as a speaker in several different settings, from executive retreats, to line level employees and he is able to convey a championship mindset message that is tailored to the specific audience every time! He gets to people at an emotional level and is able to relate with the shared experiences of the audience! What a compliment he is to any group and, I believe anyone will gain great benefit listening and learning from his empowering message!

Kedrick Wills

Director, Idaho State Police

 Coach V is simply “The Best”! He has been an incredible Mentor/Speaker/Business Coach/Life Coach in partnership with our FEAST family for over the past 3 years.  There is truly no substitute for any other Keynote Speaker/Coach to come to your next event once you have had an opportunity to watch Coach V do his magic.  I have seen and heard many of these high dollar, material copying, story stealing speakers throughout my years at various high-level leadership and work conferences throughout the world. Hand’s down, Coach V is unparalleled in the industry. His ability to deliver a well-prepared message in a high-energy fashion keeps his audience/client engaged at the highest of levels. His research, ability to instantly connect with audience/client, and provide thought-provoking educational life lessons will resonate with your organization for years to come. You know you had a successful speaker when days, weeks, months, years’ later people start a discussion by saying “Coach V said”.  Coach V is a Transformational.

Ben Eramya

CEO, FEAST Enterprises



For more than a decade thousands have gained value from his Pasifika spirit, mesmerizing energy, and transformational empowerment of Coach V’s business and personal development approach.

As an Entrepreneur Coach V coaches, keynote speaks and trains in 42 industries, Fortune 1000, Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 Companies, in 8 markets nationally, and has Virtual Coaching Clients that works with him monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly from around the world.

He is the author of the book Life Champion, Life Lessons That Yield Championship results. In the book he shares his life, leadership, business, sports, and relationship mind set and approach in which he attributes experiencing 125 wins and 18 lessons in competition in 11 years of NCAA Football. Which includes 7 Conference Championships and 2 BCS Fiesta Bowl Championships.

Viliami is a National Keynote Speaker to National, State, County and City Agencies, Non-Profits, Community Organizations, Churches, and Businesses.

Coach’s Passion Project as a Community Leader is Invictus Youth Foundation which he is the Founder and President that teaches Life Skills through free camps and programs in basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, snowboarding, and skiing. Established in 2013 the foundation impacts and inspires thousands of kids yearly.

Viliami is the host of The Coach V Show, a Personal Development Show-Broadcast from Hollywood’s Dash Radio Studio’s Powered by Island City Media Group. The Show airs Monday’s at 7 PM PST and Premiers weekly as well on Spotify on Tuesdays as The Coach V Podcast. Coach was announced as President of Island City Media Group in August of 2022.

Coach V and his Wife Martha who is a Labor and Delivery Nurse reside in California with their two children where each day as a family they live out their Family Mission to; work to be their best and live their best life. Wherever they are, together.

His mission is to empower clients and audiences to achieve their defined success and translate that success into life fulfillment.


For over a decade, thousands of people have had the opportunity to experience the passion, powerful audience engagement, and life-changing keynotes on personal and professional development given at all Coach V Keynote Speaking Events. His use of audience engagement makes him the #1 Engagement Speaker in the Nation.

And now it’s time to get COACHED UP right here on the Coach V Radio Show and The Coach V Podcast!

Where Iron SHARPENS IRON! Together We Rise!

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"I Look Forward To Serving You, Your Family, And Your Team"

— Coach V