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Will this event be upbeat and exciting? Emotional? Life-changing?

Of course.

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This event is unlike ANYTHING you’ve ever experienced before...

  • Empowerment Formula: Unlock Your True Potential

  • Awareness Approach: The Secret Weapon to Balance Your Family AND Business

  • Master Your Workflow: Eliminate Stress and Maximize Success

  • Effective Communication: Building Your High-Performance Culture

  • Gratitude and Appreciation: The Key to Strengthen Your Business and Family

  • Design Your Process: Achieving Longevity In Life and Business

Life Champion Coach

Coach V

Viliami Tuivai is a Life Champion Coach, Author, National Keynote Speaker, Community Leader, and Hollywood Radio Show Host.

For more than a decade tens of thousands have gained value from his Pasifika spirit, mesmerizing energy, and transformational empowerment of Coach V’s business and personal development approach.

As a Life Champion Coach Viliami trains and teaches in 42 industries, Fortune 1000, Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 Companies, is in 8 markets nationally, and has Virtual Coaching Clients that works with him monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly.

He is the author of the book Life Champion, Life Lessons That Yield Championship results. In the book he shares his mindset and approach in which he attributes to experiencing 125 wins and 18 lessons in11 years of NCAA Football.

Which includes 7 Conference Championships and 2 BCS Fiesta Bowl Championships. Those same life lessons helped him overcome growing up in humble beginnings to achieving and living out his American Dream today.

What Life Champions Are Saying...

Success Stories

"Coach V gave me all the tools I needed to push past my hang-ups and move forward with my business. He also taught me how to be a better person, so that I can be the best wife, mother, and businesswoman I can be."

Kehau Kaho’ohanohano-Brooks, Maui

"Coach V got the Juice. Coach V has the frameworks, the energy he has is amazing and his delivery is engaging. He made it simple. Raising my awareness and empowerment where I can stand on the firm ground of my self-confidence and say, never again am I going to be run over by Life."

Sitiveni Gauna, Fiji

"I can make better choices that affect my life and all I do. I feel more confident and more organized than ever before. The future is bright and I'm ready to work! Thank you Coach V"

Alema U. Te'o, Utah

Keynote Speaking Success

"I was searching for a Keynote Speaker to help me lift the spirits of the franchise operators, their teams, and my staff. The idea was to bring someone who is more of a coach than a lecturer. Someone who understands human nature really well and can connect with everyone’s hearts. Someone who is not only inspirational but also a very caring human being. Coach V was flawless on stage and left a lasting positive impression. I cannot thank Coach V enough for being there for my region when I needed him the most. I’m a forever authentic Coach V fan."

Maria Hollandsworth (COO of El Pollo Loco)

Your Hollywood Radio Show For Personal Development...

The Coach V Show

For over a decade, thousands of people have had the opportunity to experience the passion, powerful audience engagement, and life-changing keynotes on personal and professional development given at all Coach V events.

His usage of audience engagement makes him the #1 Life Champion Coach in the nation.

And now its time to get COACHED UP right here on the Coach V Podcast!

Where iron SHARPENS IRON! Together we rise!

The Life Champion Book

Life Champion: Life Lessons That Yield Champion Results

One of the country's renowned motivational speakers, Viliami Tuivai "Coach V" inspires, CEOs, business owners & leaders from all industries through his "life champion" five phase approach to success.

He draws from his wealth of championship and extensive training experiences which causes his audiences to engage and invoke the strategies necessary to succeed.

Quality of life, career fulfillment, financial freedom, are all by-products of success, but the true trophy is the one that is attained by applying and implementing his five phases which are outlined in his dynamic book.

Ultimately, he wants to stir up the type of audacity that forges action, transforms lives, and leaves a legacy that will impact the world.

Keynote Speaking

Life Champion Coaching

Keynote Speaking

Life Champion Coaching

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