“I have known Viliami Tuivai (Coach V) for many years. As an athlete, as a coach and particularly as a mentor, motivator and healer Coach V is extraordinary! His selfless devotion to other is truly remarkable. Many devote their lives to simply making a living. Coach V devotes his energies to making the lives of others happier and healthier.

He is the example of an over achiever who sheds hi s achievement about for others to profit from. I especially value his dedication to at risk youth. His effort with them changes their lives and ensures that they will lead happy, healthy, productive and love filled lives.”

It is my pleasure to be his friend and to support his worthy endeavors. Viliami Tuivai is a legend in the making.

Senator Jim Nielson
California 4th District

“Viliami’s ability to connect to a variety of personalities, cultures, and ages is a true gift worth sharing.”

Doug Covey
Blueprint Education

“I’ve witnessed Viliami speak to my employees and a young sports team with the same results. They each left inspired and motivated by Viliami’s words and stories.”

C. Alan Horner
Chairman, President and CEO
First Federal

“Coach Tuivai’s track record and proven success on and off the field provides all those he mentors and coaches the secret to becoming a Life Champion.”

Cesar Rivas
Defensive Coordinator
Azusa Pacific University

“You have a wonderful story to tell and with all that you’ve achieved and the way you present yourself and the passion that you speak with make for a heartfelt yet on point presentation.”

Debbie McDonald
J.R. Simplot Company

“Viliami Tuivai is energizing, inspiring and an entire evening that we all learned a great deal from.”

Arthur F. (Skip) Oppenheimer
Oppenheimer Companies, Inc.

“Viliami Tuivai brings a rare blend of humor, inspiration, and application combined with super-power credibility on what it takes to be a winner. Anyone who applies his teaching will be forever changed, and anyone who absorbs his principles will be forever inspired.”

Captain Toney Vincelli
124th Fighter Wing
Air National Guard

“Coach V, is an extraordinary man with a huge heart. He’s a man of incredible character spawned from authentic life experiences. I don’t know another man that works as tirelessly at inspiring people to strive to be the best person they can be both with his words and with his actions. With the current state of the world we live in, Coach V is exactly the kind of LEADER the world so desperately needs.”

Bryan Smothers

“Here are my thoughts on Coach V’s message: Powerful, Insightful, Real world applications, and foundational. Coach V is one of the most inspirational and impactful people we have ever had Coach us on how to achieve success.”

Kevin B Rigenhagen
Managing Director
Northwestern Mutual

“Coach V is a rare and distinguished talent that communicates the profound and practical with extreme precision. Audiences leave the room with the realization that they too can become a Life Champion.”

Victor Santa Cruz
Head Football Coach
Azusa Pacific University

“Viliami is the real deal, and what he shares you will want. Looking for motivation, inspiration, success secrets in life—it’s coming at you like an all-out blitz. His energy and enthusiasm is contagious as he communicates a very clear message of hope and a positive approach to all that life may throw at you. Don’t miss this winner.”

Pastor Darrel Wiseman

I was introduced to Viliami Tuivai through a mutual friend, Sgt. C Trzcinski. From the time Viliami shook my hand and engaged me with that million dollar smile I knew he was a great guy. When I say great guy, I mean a the kind of person who is genuine and speaks with confidence and expertise. His ability to command any audience, from a group of 5 to 12 year old excited kids during a football camp, or be it at corporate Nike event with well over 300 guests. Coach V is a person whom I seek to speak with on a weekly basis, as he has the ability to get me motivated about life, by just speaking with him. His life lessons offer so much value and he has shown me how to always be a champion in life and presenting yourself with character and integrity.I thank God for you and your message.  Thank you for being a Life Champion!”

Charles J. Doss Jr.
Director of Community Development
Dr. Ephraim Williams Family Event Center

“Coach V is such a dynamic speaker, he can light up the room with energy and laughter! He is inspirational in his message about life’s struggle. And adds fun and excitement in his delivery.”

Laura Vo
Health & Saftey Specialist

I have known Coach V for over a decade and watched him perform as a football coach, a mentor, and a keynote speaker. Without hesitation I can say that he is one of a kind! His message is one that any organization would benefit from hearing and at all levels! Our organization has used him several times as a speaker in several different settings, from executive retreats, to line level employees and he is able to convey a championship mindset message that is tailored to the specific audience every time! He gets to people at an emotional level and is able to relate with the shared experiences of the audience! What a compliment he is to any group and, I believe anyone will gain great benefit listening to his message!

Colonel Kedrick R. Wills, M.T.D.
Idaho State Police

Most people know him as Coach V and I was introduced to him as “the man with a great smile but even bigger heart”. I had the pleasure of seeing him provide a couple hour conference on “What makes life worthwhile”. I had been to several motivational meetings and although the information was necessary it always seemed forced and inauthentic. This was not the case with Coach V. He held the attention of over 100+ occupants and not one time did I wonder why I was there, what else could I be doing or when is this gonna end. He has a gift with genuinely connecting with people and coming down to their level and meeting them at where they are in life. I believe God gave him this talent and he has touched my life in a way that I can connect better with my employees. A seed was planted and I am honored to watch it blossom and flourish. I strongly recommend to those that are open for change and a new way of looking at things pull up a chair and just listen to what he has to share. An experience, a message and a challenge to start living your best life as the person you know you can be.

Jessica Tuiletufuga

General Manager

Corner Bakery Café

“Coach V is simply ‘The Best’! He has been an incredible Mentor/Speaker/Business/Success Coach in partnership with our FEAST family for over the past 3 years.  There is truly no substitute for any other motivational speaker to come to your next event once you have had an opportunity to watch Coach V do his magic. I have seen and heard many of these high dollar, material copying, story stealing speakers throughout my years at various high-level leadership and work conferences throughout the world. Hand’s down Coach V is unparalleled in the industry. His ability to deliver a well-prepared message in a high-energy fashion keeps his audience engaged at the highest of levels. His research, ability to instantly connect with your audience, and provide thought-provoking educational life lessons will resonate with your organization for years to come. You know you had a successful speaker when days, weeks, months, years’ later people start a discussion by saying “Coach V said”.  Coach V is a Transformational.

Ben Eramya


FEAST Enterprises, LLC.

With over a million listeners, Island Block Radio serves as the only Native Hawaiian & Pacific Islander station that broadcasts out of Hollywood Ca.  The station can attribute that success to Radio Host, Viliami Tuivai. Viliami Tuivai has inspired a global audience to “Release their CHAMPION” on a weekly basis on The Coach V Show.  It is no surprise that The Coach V Show is one of the highest rated shows on the station. The inspirational message, words of encouragement and “Mana Motivation” that Coach V speaks about transcends generations, races and communities of varying economical backgrounds. He is a shining example of how a young Polynesian man from the streets of Pomona in Los Angeles, can inspire others to reach CHAMPIONSHIP levels.

Joey “Q” Quenga
Owner & Creative Director
Island Block Radio

Transformative, Powerful, and Engaging are words that describes Coach V’s ability to galvanize the audience during his sessions on individual empowerment and organizational change. His unwavering and unapologetic commitment to remind and make you be the best version of yourself in whatever career and life situation you are in, is commendable. He continues to challenge, instill courage and foster authenticity in the clients and relationships he builds.

Dr. Danny Vang
University Of California, Sacramento


Coach V is an amazing speaker. He has an excellent ability to connect with his audience and gain their trust. His life lessons are real and people can easily relate. He has made a significant positive impact on our people and our organization is absolutely grateful for his leadership.

Lucy Stanciu

Vice President of Operations

Beshay Enterprises