Life Lessons that Yield Championship Results

Coach V on Speaking


Are you one of those people who know your purpose is to be a speaker who inspires your community and the world? Then Coach V will teach you the basic fundamentals of speaking through his “Find your voice” training program. He will stir your heart, mind and soul so that you will discover your unique message for your future audience. This training is geared for those who truly believe it is their calling to speak. Bring your enthusiasm, open heart and mind; find your voice and purpose. You will be ready to change the world!


When you stand in front of people and communicate effectively, it encourages and empowers others to achieve great things in their lives personally and professionally. It affects not only the individual, but your entire team, clients, customers and partners. It also deeply affects your businesses advancement, profits and bottom-line. Whatever your type of business or industry, being a great communicator is imperative to your success.


Becoming a professional speaker will help you to promote your product or service, advance your current position, champion your cause and bring great profit. A professional speaker stands out above the competition because great communication can be a powerful tool of influence. Becoming a pro speaker in addition to learning to coach others, to direct, inspire and influence people at a championship level will help you to succeed in ways you could never imagine.


Learn from a Coach who will nurture your dreams and help you to develop your talents without judgment. This is your life and your dream! Don’t leave it to someone who isn’t truly invested. Being coachable, being available, and being open to constructive advice can make the difference between your winning and losing. The combined desire for greatness between a qualified coach and you is how you will become a true champion.

This training is built on mutual trust, respect and the sheer joy of giving to others. At times, you might feel that coach is being hard on you, but it will never be in a way that makes you feel disrespected. Coach V doesn’t promise that the process will be easy, just worth it.


You’ll learn to be a Professional Speaker by actually practicing speaking. It doesn’t matter how many hours you watch others speak, the amount of notes you take, or the hours of audio material you listen to, only physically getting up and speaking yourself will earn you the rights of passage to becoming a pro. First you must do, do well, then, do great!