Personal Empowerment vol. 9 “Powerful Beyond Measure”

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Personal Empowerment vol. 9 “Powerful Beyond Measure”

June 15, 2018 | vchamp | personal development


“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

 I love this quote by famed spiritualist, Marianne Williamson. Our power is truly limitless and if we aren’t prepared for the results of our implementing that power, we may scare ourselves with all we are able to do.

Join me this week as we look at the numerous ways in which we express our power!

Power in the most common sense of our language means the ability to act or produce a result. So when we think of our own power we should think of our ability to produce the results we seek and the factors that play a role in aiding or hindering our potential to do so.

When we frame our thinking this way, then before we do act, we should ask ourselves which people around us are helping us cultivate our power, which environments, which jobs, which choices. All of these will ultimately have a role in the development of our potential to act and then the outcome of those actions.

For me, my source of power and ability to act in any given circumstance is my faith. It is unwavering against all odds. It balances those moments of negative self talk and provides the spring board of sorts from which I can believe and ultimately will achieve. Power. You have it. I have it. We have it. What is yours?

1. Putting The "Motor" In Motivation

Because power is an ability to act, to exercise our power means that at some point we actually do act. However, we also know that bodies, including our own, don’t just move or act on their own. They, we, require some exertion of energy and a direction and an environment conducive to our action(s). Well, for us as conscious beings the energy to act requires motivation. We must feel the urge, the internal drive that tells us to move toward some destination, push toward some outcome, reach some goal.

Our power can be great and we owe it to ourselves and the people who count on us to nurture and control that power. And to do that, we must exert our power and believe in it, in ourselves. And none of that is possible without being motivated. Motivation can come from outside us. And sometimes external motivators can provide a boost, a 5 hour energy shot of adrenaline. However, the long, sustained feeling of motivation must ultimately come from within. That we will act, we will produce results, we will let our power manifest. And we will do it because we must do it.

2. Get Yo Mind Right

Every day it seems I’m learning of a new cleanse. There’s some fad where you’re supposed to drink maple syrup and water all day. Maybe the result is what they promise. Maybe it’s all just a marketing ploy for maple syrup. I really don’t know. But I do understand the concept of cleansing. Book shelves collect dust, electronics start to slow down and our cars need regular oil changes. Our bodies are no different. And neither are our minds.

As we discussed yesterday, our power is only generated by our motivation. Well, our motivation starts in our minds. We conceive of the world we want, the relationships we want, and the future we envision and pursue. That conceiving, happens in the mind.

This means you will never really succeed to the extent you could have unless and until you cleanse your mind. Clear out the negativity, wash away the doubt and self pity, and find your true mindset. Who are you? What are you capable of? Wouldn’t you love to find out? Save the maple syrup for tomorrow’s pancakes and develop a thought process of intentionality and deliberate greatness. Your power is in your mind. Let your mind run free.

3. Winning Isn't Everything, But It Sure Is Fun

It’s easy to draw parallels with sports and life and when it comes to the concept of winning, it’s no longer even metaphorical.

In my sport of football, when we look at the NFL, we could ask who is more powerful Tom Brady or Blake Bortles? Tom Brady. Why? Because he produces results. And those results are wins. Those results are championships. There’s a reason when he speaks in the huddle his teammates pay attention. And you have the same power.

I can hear the naysayers now, “how can you say I have the same power as a 5 time SB champ?” I’ll explain. You see, Brady was a 6th round draft pick back in 2000. He was an afterthought among coaches and scouts around the league. Even in college Michigan fans couldn’t wait until his predecessor, Drew Hansen, took over.

But when Drew Bledsoe of the Patriots got injured, Brady stepped in and won. And the team kept winning. And they won a Super Bowl. And from that winning, he kept the starting job. And he kept winning. All it takes sometimes is one win. That moment when our motivation and cleansed mind come together and our action takes us to the promised land.

Al Davis famously said “just win, baby!” And that’s what I hope for you. Wins on wins. So go get some!

4. Gratitude Is Your Attitude

While we are all individuals with our own strengths, weaknesses, passions, and motivations, we are also part of a collective where we understand and recognize similar circumstances, challenges and obstacles. Our recognition of these shared experiences allows us to imagine ourselves in another’s shoes.

What this means for us is that when we look at people who are successful, maybe to the level we aspire to someday, we can be assured that they faced many of the same problems that plague us. And we know by their success that they must have reacted to those problems in a way that allowed them to keep on track. We know that it is their attitude that allowed them to not get knocked out course permanently by any setback.  And we know that attitude is one thing we can control.

So I ask you to always be aware of the power you have over your attitude, that whatever negativity may have you ready to explode, it’s not unique. Countless people have gone through similar. What separates the ones who triumph over tribulation and the ones who fail is ultimately their attitude. Be humble. Be grateful. Be ready. Ready to act.

5. The Golden Rule

My good friend Simon Sinek (ok, ok, he’s not really a good friend, but he does seem like a good dude) has said “a boss has the title but a leader has the people.” Man. If that doesn’t sum today’s topic up beautifully, I don’t know what does.

We can strive for positions of power and the money, fame, influence that come with them but true power isn’t in our job title. It isn’t in our position where we expect people to listen to us because we are the boss. No. True power is found in those who are confident enough to let other people shine. People who recognize the power in others and are excited to help release it. These are the true leaders, the truly powerful.

Rare is the occasion that a man or woman succeeds because he or she was ruthless, heartless or lacking compassion. Instead I would argue that for those folks who do behave that way, they actually have limited their success and for all they have could have even more had they learned to treat others better and see others not as stepping stones or tools to use at their discretion but rather allies with their own talents and power ready to assist and build greatness.

Your power isn’t threatened by mine. Nor mine by yours. We can truly be powerful together. For that reason, it makes sense for us to seek supporters, teammates, friends. We all benefit by sharpening each others’ minds. How does that saying go, “the toes you step on going up the ladder may be connected to the butt you kiss on the way down.”? Even if that’s not the exact quote. You get the gist. Treat people well. That’s power.

Thank you for following along all week as we looked at the power within us, all of us.

We have the power to transform our lives, impact the lives of the people we love, and ultimately achieve all that we are called to be!

“Life is struggle and struggle is life. Misery is optional.”

"What I believe, will be!


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