Personal Empowerment vol. 6: “Entrepreneurship”

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Personal Empowerment vol. 6: “Entrepreneurship”

April 27, 2018 | vchamp | personal development


The world’s movers, shakers, and trail blazers all share characteristics. This week, we’ll look at what some of those are.

1. Face Everything And Rise

More than anything else, entrepreneurs are problem solvers. They provide a service or product to solve problems for clients. They provide employment opportunities to solve income problems for job seekers. They solve problems.

The thing is, when you enter the “problem solving” arena as your motivation you fundamentally change your positioning on the train. You ever take the family to an amusement park like Six Flags? Maybe you went as kid. Either way, you know when you see those massive roller coasters that excitement for and anticipation of the ride that awaits you has you running to the line. They often let you sit in whatever seat you want. First row. Second row. Last row.  You choose the experience you want. The train chugs up the big hill. The people in the first row get the first view or experience of the track. For them the course is a series of unknown twists and turns coming into focus. For people in the seats behind them, they experience the same course but only after the unknown was revealed to the leaders in front.

Entrepreneurs are the people in front. The people who brave the unknown. They are willing to set out and make a trail where there once was none. They open the door into the room marked “uncertainty.” They walk in understanding that whatever determination they’ve made on positives and negatives, they must proceed. 

Do entrepreneurs live and achieve in a world absent of fear? No. They manage the fear. They refuse to let whatever fear there is paralyze them and keep them from their achievements.

2. Wisdom Over Theory

If we’ve already established and agreed that life is simply a series of choices, which lead to outcomes, which lead to destinations, then we can ultimately decide for ourselves if the outcomes we’ve achieved are in line with what we set out to do.

Along that journey, those series’, we will no doubt encounter harder times and bigger challenges than before. The hope is that when we come up short in some of these instances, we learn from them. We take what went wrong and apply new information, new skills, or even a new mindset and attack once again.

That experience gives us wisdom. That experience gives us a familiarity that we’ve been here before, we’ve seen this monster (whatever it is) before, and we can and shall overcome.

Theories and ideas are great and have their place along the journey as well, don’t get me wrong. But if we are to take control of the problem solving, which is what entrepreneurs do, then we must move forward out of the land of ideas and into the world of actions. Win or lose, we seek the wisdom that will come and the chance to apply it later.

3. Build A Strong Team

No man is an island unto himself. No entrepreneur is an island in business with nothing but himself. Or at least no entrepreneur with the hope of lasting long.

Understanding the tasks that you personally are good at and then the tasks that you personally must delegate is a critical component to sustaining success and growth. If you’re a great closer in sales, don’t delegate that role to outside help. That’s your bread and butter. Find the folks who can help set up the appointments for you to close. If you’re a great graphic designer, don’t delegate the design to others but find the sales and relationship staff to help bring new clients to you. 

Everyone has their talents and everyone has their deficiencies. Identifying where yours are as the entrepreneur can help you then find the best people for the roles you need that boost. 

When we were having success with the Boise State football team, we didn’t play the QB we played because he just asked to do it. It was because he had the skills and experience to fill that role. Likewise with our linebackers and every other position. Pairing talent with need is the name of the game.

Of course throughout the process you may come to identify new strengths or new weaknesses. Be willing to adapt your personnel as that new information arises. You may already have relied on some flexibility with regard to your product and service. Show some of the same flexibility with your team. And keep moving towards that finish line.

4. Can't Stop, Won't Stop

When it comes to sticking to the course, the important thing is to stay the course. So easy. But oh so difficult. Perseverance is a virtue for a reason. Oh, it isn’t? Well it should be. Along with patience, which I know for a fact is a virtue, perseverance is necessary. Read that again. N-E-C-E-S-S-A-R-Y.

If you are an entrepreneur yourself, you already know. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, now you know. I don’t know the guarantee for your success. No one knows that. Remember our first video this week, we talked about the fear of the unknown. As an entrepreneur you’ve already embraced that unknown, you’ve sought it out. But what I can promise you is that if you quit, you absolutely WON’T get to your destination. That is a guarantee.

When you buy stocks, the price may fluctuate and at any given time your balance may be lower than you invested originally. You can panic and sell and take what’s left and realize the loss. Or. You can remain patient, keep your money there and ride it out as eventually it grows. Patience vs quitting. 

Again, I can’t promise you that having patience will always eventually work out. I can only promise that quitting will never work out.

5. Inactivity

In my conversation with sales professionals aross the country, I’ve heard the phrase “motion creates emotion.” If a salesperson feels down or lethargic, often just standing up at their desk and moving is enough to jolt them back into focus. 

“Coach V, are you saying don’t ever rest?” No! Not at all. Think of your muscles when you workout. To grow and get stronger, they tear, they, hurt, they’re leaving their comfort zone. To take advantage of the work you put in, rest is necessary. To heal. Your personal and professional development is the same exact way. 

Our championship lifestyle, that we hope to instill and live by every day, requires us to rest. Reflect. Recover. But the rest only works after the periods of action. So get active. Be active. STAY ACTIVE!

Thank you for following along all week as we dove deep inside some the factors of entrepreneurship and how, as aspiring entrepreneurs, we can set ourselves up best for long-lasting success!

“Life is struggle and struggle is life. Misery is optional.”

"What I believe, will be!


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