Personal Empowerment vol. 11 “What Is So Important?”

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Personal Empowerment vol. 11 “What Is So Important?”

June 29, 2018 | vchamp | personal development

"Priorities Of A Champion"

What are some of the factors of our lives that will help develop value in the relationships we build and the purpose in the life we create? Find out this week!

We’ve all at some point heard the phrase “fake it till you make it.” And I get the sentiment of the expression. It’s not so much encouraging us to get by in some fraudulent way that ultimately we are tricking everyone into believing in our abilities. It’s more about learning as we go and having a willingness to pursue some uncharted water, which can be scary and maybe we miss out on opportunities.

For me, faith is such a key component to who I am and what I do that I like to say I “faith it till I make it.” My faith is as real as it gets and my belief in myself and the support system around is such that no matter what I choose to do, I know I cannot lose. That’s faith. That’s the foundation upon which everything else I achieve will be built. 

1. Joy To The World... And To You!

Life is some percent what happens to us and some other percent, a lot larger, how we react. When we react with joy, we react in a way that brings more people to us, more positive energy to us, and the world just appears a little nicer to us. 

There is a lot in our lives that we can take credit for, the jobs we have earned, the people we have loved, and the people we have become. There is also quite a bit for which we have no credit but still get to enjoy just the same: the universe, the planet, nature, life itself.

Taking a moment away from the ego that focuses on our talents and accomplishments to instead pay respect to the greater forces, higher powers, and beings responsible for all of this beauty is important.

Joy to the world, yes, and may we feel joy for the world provided to us!

2. Life Is A Peace Of Pie, Get Yours!

How many people as children believed in some hope for humanity they called “world peace”? I bet just about every child has wished for this. I think most adults on some level still hope for it. And I’m not sure it’s something that will ever be possible. Too many competing interests and reasons to separate and potentially have conflict. But it is a nice aspiration and, more importantly for my topic this week, one that we all understand.

So, when I talk about inner peace, and finding your balance mentally, physically, and spiritually, you also know what I mean. Some people have an insatiable energy and passion. That’s great and when we are around them we feed off that energy. They accomplish great things.

However, some of that same group have trouble resting. Finding peace. They struggle with inaction, fearing it means lazy or unproductive. But we all must find the ability in ourselves to let ourselves settle whatever turmoil needs to be settled or issues need to be resolved. Peace. You owe it to yourself! 

3. You Don't Have To Be Will Smith To Pursue Happiness!

Happiness is so important the founding fathers of our country put it in the Declaration of Independence. That pursuing happiness is one of the greatest endeavors we will ever undertake. 

They were also smart enough to realize that no one, not even the system of government they were creating, can guarantee happiness for us. It is something entirely up to us to pursue, to create, and to keep chasing. 

We can consider it in the long term, our lives lived to their fullest and what that looks like in terms of our being happy with what we were able to do. It is also something to think about in every moment, every passing second. What in my life can I be happy about? 

I bet when you seriously answer that question, you will realize just how much there is. 

4. Fulfillment Is Food For The Soul!

It’s a great moment in our lives when we achieve a goal we have set for ourselves. It’s even greater when the achievement is reached within the context of the “why” behind our actions. When we have done all that we can do, with kindness in our heart and faith in our spirit, we are fulfilled.

And when these moments happen for us, we must acknowledge them for what they are, step back, breathe and pay a bit of gratitude for every person, every lesson, and every choice that helped us get there.

Fulfill up your cup, until it runneth over!

5. L Is For The Way You Look At Me!

Love is ultimately what it is ALL ABOUT. By it I mean life and by about I mean the bottom line meaning. To find people who love us and to find people upon whom we may bestow our love.

They say it’s better to have loved and lost then never to have loved, but when you have love, you can never lose. When you turn the motivation of your actions, the intention of your aspirations to another (or many others) it’s a beautiful thing. 

I know the various theories of love explain it as an emotion or an action or any number of things. I say it’s everything. It’s why we do what we do and why when the world and life beats us down, we keep coming back. And the crazy thing I’ve found is that the more love you nurture and feel the more you are able to give. The power is infinite. Love is indeed a many splendid thing.

Who do you love? Let them know!

Thank you for following along all week as we dove deep inside the factors, both internal and external to ourselves, that can block us on our journey to becoming all that we can become and fulfilling all that we are destined to do.

“Life is struggle and struggle is life. Misery is optional.”

"What I believe, will be!


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