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What is the Release Your Champion Conference?

Release Your Champion Conference is a 1-night live event and part of the Life Champion: Life Lessons That Yield Championship Results book tour designed for life enthusiast, business professionals, leaders and competitors of life. This conference touches on the themes including personal, business and leadership development. Want to be a champion in your industry or champion a cause that you know in your heart you’ve been created to achieve? Bring that hunger to the Release Your Champion Conference. Spark your motivation to release the champion inside of you to achieve the life champion trophies of joy, peace, happiness, and fulfillment. Know that you will be part of a group that evening that will be inspiring and engaging, sharing championship life experiences as well as the struggle, pain and drama that life comes with. With 300 plus people that will be in attendance; this will be an experience you’ve never had before. The byproduct of this evening will be a transformed champion ready to become the success you will persevere for. The Release Your Champion Conference makes this claim: Life, leadership, business, competition and the game of life will never be easy, only that it will be worth it!


What will Coach V be speaking on?

Coach V will be speaking on his 5 Phase Life Champion Approach to everyday living from his first book Life Champion: Life Lessons That Yield Championship Results. See below for an outline of the phases and see a brief snapshot of the content that will presented in authenticity, high energy, humor and passion. Discover new championship approaches to life and be reminded of the importance of these fundamental life lessons to reaffirm that we all should be grateful for today and see that our best days are still in front of us.


  • Faith – Self belief and confidence.
    • Developing your confidence and walking by faith, not by sight.
      • “I believe in me, What I believe will be. Respect all, fear nothing. I will not be bullied and the bully will not be me. I believe in me, and what I believe will BE.” — Viliami Tuivai
    • Life Struggle – Wins and Lessons.
      • Develop the understanding that the negatives of life are part of the process just as the positives for achievement.
        • “Success breeds success but failure, setbacks, disappointments, mistakes, embarrassments, loss and being burned in relationships is the faculty of life that teaches like no success can.” — Viliami Tuivai
        • “Life is struggle, struggle is life. Misery is optional” — Viliami Tuivai
      • Teamwork – Collaboration and Network.
        • Developing the ability to know oneself, collaborate with others and accomplish more together than any individual could achieve alone.
          • “There’s money in the transaction. But the wealth, is in the relationships.” — Viliami Tuivai
        • Transformation – Called, create, change.
          • Developing the knowledge that achievement and success is the collaboration of being an “inside job” and outward performance and results.
            • “You can be different, but to truly transform, you must change.” — Viliami Tuivai


  • Character – The foundation is character.
    • Developing what one needs to know from the start.
      • “First try to be a person of character. For success always finds those people, and stays longer.” — Viliami Tuivai
    • Integrity – Whole and complete in knowledge and action.
      • Development of connecting theory, intelligence and belief into action.
        • “When what you know is reflected in actions; that’s integrity.” — Viliami Tuivai
      • Work Ethic – Work It.
        • Developing the desire to grind for progress and accomplishment.
          • “Leadership, Success, and Money have one common life denominator: Hard Work.” — Viliami Tuivai


  • Discipline – Training and consistency.
    • Development of time investment in adding, organizing, and simplifying.
      • “Do what needs to be done. Do what you should do. Do what you have to do though you may not want to do it, to get what you need and want. Don’t do what you shouldn’t.” — Viliami Tuivai
      • “If it don’t fit (your dreams, hopes or aspirations), cut it.” — Viliami Tuivai
    • Respect – Self, people, and life-development of honor and genuine gratitude for all things in all times.
      • “When there is gain or loss and all measures in between what is most scrutinized is; did you show the appropriate respect.” — Viliami Tuivai
      • “R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me, R-E-S-P-E-C-T, take care, TCB” — Taking Care of Business (TBC)
      • Otis Redding, Performed by Aretha Franklin
    • Commitment – Say it. Think it. Plan it. Do it.
      • Development of doing what you said and fully committed to your commitment.
        • “Your commitment must be willing to battle your fear of the known, unknown, critics, crisis and your own self-doubt.” — Viliami Tuivai
        • “Commitment is pretty simple. If it’s a goal, stick to it. If you said it, do it. If you agreed to it, do it. If you’re committed then stay committed.” — Viliami Tuivai
        • “If it’s all about relationships then it’s all about commitment.” — Viliami Tuivai


  • Audacity to Dream – Vision
    • Development of the mind’s eye and consideration of hindsight, insight and foresight.
      • “You pay the Dream before the Dream Pays you.” — Viliami Tuivai
    • Skill Set – Fundamentals
      • Development of understanding that the basic fundamentals are just as or more important than talent alone. The collision of the two together, will yield Championship Results.
        • “Back to basics is good. Start with basics better. Add talent and innovation wherever possible. But again, basic fundamentals first.” — Viliami Tuivai
      • Attitude – Gratitude, Latitude and Resilience
        • Development of response behavior in honor, respect, and bounce back.
          • “In life what happens to you matters. But what matters more, is how you respond to it.” — Viliami Tuivai


  • Finish – Focused, Driven and Complete
    • Develop the drive to finish what you start.
      • “So many start things; Champions start and finish.” — Viliami Tuivai
    • Win – What’s Important Now
      • Develop prioritizing, date and times for your process, progress and success.
        • “Winning never gets old, but losing always sucks.” — Viliami Tuivai
      • Do it ALL Again – Review, Refine and Regenerate
        • Develop a process of analysis to evaluate and adjust to succeed.
          • “We’re never done. For every end is a new beginning. You look back for the lessons and look forward in full optimism whether current times are good or bad; that the best, is yet to come.” — Viliami Tuivai

*All quotes draws from Coach V’s book or speaking presentations unless noted.