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So You Want To Empower Yourself?

Empowerment is defined as the granting of authority or power given to someone to do or be something. It is the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights. This training program is designed for you to be equipped with the knowledge to be empowered and then grant yourself permission to make the appropriate inward changes with outward high-level performance and results.

My Mission is to positively impact those whom I serve in how they think, feel, what they do, how they see things, and how they say things. These translate to mindset, emotional intelligence, performance, perspective, and effective communication.So that they may be able to be more effective and efficient in the achievement of their individual success. Then translating that success into life fulfillment

Does This Sound Like You?


  • Overwhelmed with balancing your personal and professional life
  • Confused on how to improve your marriage and business
  • Stressed with your busy schedule as a business executive

Me too! I struggled trying to balance my personal and professional life. I wanted more family time but I was overwhelmed with my responsibilities as a D1 Football Coach. With 125 wins and 18 lessons in 11 years of NCAA Football, I’ve learned what it takes to be successful. Not from some YouTube videos or podcasts, but from REAL experiences.

Who is Empowerment To Success for?

Empowerment To Success is PERFECT for Married Business Executive that want to…

  • Balance Your Personal And Professional Life
  • Build Your High-Performance Culture And A Happier Family
  • Improve Yourself As A Spouse, Parent, And Business Leader
  • Forge Your Success Mindset And Rejuvenation
  • Create Daily Habits, Activities, And Routines That Generate Success
  • Grant Yourself Permission And Authority To Unlock Your FULL Potential

How Other Members Describe Empowerment to Success

What Members Are ACTUALLY Saying…

The Empowerment to Success program was exactly what I needed to give me direction and clarity. This program helped me in every aspect of my life; as a parent, a Realtor, and Positive Mindset Coach and was a priceless investment in myself!

I highly recommend it to anyone looking for that missing piece to level up in life, leadership, and business.

Dustin Droen

Realtor, Gallelli Real Estate

Coach V truly embodies the “Empowerment to Success” Program – he’s empowering every step of the way, engaging, and successful at everything he does. 

I was struggling to come out of my shell and exude the confidence I needed to up level my business. Coach V gave me all the tools I needed to push past my hang ups and move forward with my business. He also taught me how to be a better person, so that I can be the best wife, mother, and business woman I can be. 

Kēhau Kaho’ohanohano-Brooks

 Here’s what’s inside…

Empowerment To Success

Empowerment Formula:

Unlock Your True Potential in Life, Leadership, and Business

Awareness Approach:

The Secret Weapon to Balance Your Family AND Business

Master Your Workflow:

Eliminate Stress and Increase Success as a Married Business Executive

Effective Communication:

Building High-Performance Culture And Fostering a Happier Family

Gratitude and Appreciation:

The Key to Strengthen Your Business and Family Relationships

Design Your Process:

Achieving Longevity In Life and Business

“When You Succeed, I Succeed”

Coach V Success Guarantee

I’m committed to serving YOU! If you don’t gain value within the first month, get a FULL refund no questions asked.