The Importance of Individual Team Members

Every single person in your organization is important and they need to know it. They need to understand how they affect the success of the whole team. There’s an old saying, “United we stand but divided we fall”. However, working as a team can often be difficult. Encouraging team morale, knowing your team members different personalities, supporting them and helping them to feel valued can be a full time job. Leading and working with all those different dynamics on a daily basis can become quite a daunting task.

This training will teach you how Championship Teams and their members function, how they perform more efficiently and ultimately yield better results. You will learn the importance of the individual team member’s role as it relates to the overall success of the organization. You will learn how to empower your team to create a Championship Culture.

When the team values the individual, the individual will value themselves and their role, and in turn, they will naturally add tremendous value to the team as a whole.


Life is the biggest game on the planet. We know that there are times when life can be difficult in every way- all at the same time. Coach V teaches about his Life Lessons and will train you on; Faith, Self-Belief, Struggle, Teamwork and Relationships. He will help you to develop your life skills so that you will be equipped to fulfill your destiny.

Sessions are transformational in mind, body, soul, and most importantly, in action. Learning each lesson is essential for your transformation and for whom you are destined to become. They are effective tools to help you create solutions to your life’s issues.

This training focuses on your well-being as a whole, and takes place in a safe, respectful, trusting and non-judgmental environment. You speak, Coach will listen, and collectively you’ll train and strategize so that you can achieve the joy, peace, happiness and fulfillment needed for your overall success. Get started today, become a Life Champion.

Coaching Sessions are available in person, via video or conference call.


Great leadership is the catalyst for championship organizations. Discover the principles used to be an elite leader. Elite leaders have principles they live by in every aspect of their lives. Whether you are an experienced CEO or leader in training, these championship principles will equip you to compete at the top of your game. Learn and apply these principles and become who you are called to be. You will become a coach to those whom need it most in your organization, company, non-profit, church, team, community and even with family members. You will be able to identify and mentor those who are in need of coaching, mentor to those that need guidance, teach those that need knowledge, inspiration to the uninspired, faith to the faithless, and be a leader that guides people to their own individual success. Leadership is the toughest position to play on the field of life but there’s no reason why you can’t be that leader. That leader is within you just waiting to be unleashed.

Coaching Sessions are available in person, via Skype and conference call.


Regardless of the business or field you’re in, the fundamentals of success remain the same. Yes, there are certain skill sets and knowledge that are specific to every industry, but those components are only a portion of what is needed to win. Also, it is important to have a trusted Coach/Mentor to come alongside you and push you to perform, encourage you during the struggles, assist in giving you direction, hold you accountable and help to keep you focused, so that you will lead a championship business. Whether you are an entrepreneur with a new start-up, medium-size business owner, or an elite, experienced executive, Coach V will help you to create a game plan that will help you to succeed.

This session will focus on: team work, creating clear lines of communication, sales, marketing, management, and the ongoing determination you need to achieve your goal to become a Championship Business.

Coaching Sessions are available in person, via SKYPE and conference call.


This style of group coaching is specifically designed for leader and management groups. Communication, teamwork and collaboration amongst your different leaders are of utmost importance to your success and bottom-line.

Huddle your leaders up with Coach V and learn the fundamentals of success by re-focusing your leadership team on the mission, vision and goals of the organization.

The leaders whom you have selected are influential in creating the championship culture in your organization. They must be willing to huddle, communicate clearly, strategize, speak the truth, encourage their teammates to lead by example and be willing to guide them to the finish line to WIN. If for some reason they don’t win, the leaders will be able to identify problems in the process, learn from it and make the appropriate adjustments.

To put it frankly, failure and losing sucks, and it always will. Unfortunately, it’s part of the process of climbing to success. Get your huddle together and create a game plan to win.

Coaching sessions are conducted onsite. Group Coaching is for 2-12 leaders/executives.