Bridging The Gap Between Adolescence and Adulthood Through Support Programs-Basilio Tubera Feature

December 23, 2022

Bad Choices Led to 2 Years and 8 Months Behind Bars But Also Created R3demption Basilio Tubera II Feature Monday 7 pm PST Powered by Island City Media Born in the Philippines, Basilio II and his family came to the United States for the “American Dream” when he was four years old. Despite the discipline and the good intentions of his parents, Basilio began a life of wrongful and unlawful decisions that ended him up in jail not once, but twice all before he was 21 years old. Life changed when he met his wife of 23 years back in 1998. Candice Can Tubera according to Basilio is The PERSON who has inspired him to be the man he is today. Together they are the proud parents of two (adult) children ages 22 and 18. Basilio has been an electrician for nearly 25 years. He also has a passion for the youth, in which he co-founded a nonprofit organization-R3demption Community/R3C, bridges the gap between adolescence to adulthood through programs to support personal development, growth, and success through mind, body, and spirit fundamentals. Basilio further invests in his community by working at the County with gang prevention programs for kids, serving at his church through leading small groups, outreach, and children’s ministry. Over two years ago, he moved his family from the Bay Area to Las Vegas, NV where they currently reside. Excited to share Basilio’s story, success and significance Monday night! The Coach V Show, your Hollywood Radio Show for Personal Development. With expert interviews and insights to help you work to be your best and live your best life. Monday Nights at 7 pm PST from Hollywood CA Dash Radio App- @CoachViliami Facebook Live On the Coach V YouTube Channel Drops Tuesday on The Coach V Podcast on Spotify. Where iron sharpens iron. Together we rise.