Personal Empowerment vol. 11 “What Is So Important?”

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"Priorities Of A Champion"

What are some of the factors of our lives that will help develop value in the relationships we build and the purpose in the life we create? Find out this week!

We’ve all at some point heard the phrase “fake it till you make it.” And I get the sentiment of the expression. It’s not so much encouraging us to get by in some fraudulent way that ultimately we are tricking everyone into believing in our abilities. It’s more about learning as we go and having a willingness to pursue some uncharted water, which can be scary and maybe we miss out on opportunities.

For me, faith is such a key component to who I am and what I do that I like to say I “faith it till I make it.” My faith is as real as it gets and my belief in myself and the support system around is such that no matter what I choose to do, I know I cannot lose. That’s faith. That’s the foundation upon which everything else I achieve will be built. 

1. Joy To The World... And To You!

Life is some percent what happens to us and some other percent, a lot larger, how we react. When we react with joy, we react in a way that brings more people to us, more positive energy to us, and the world just appears a little nicer to us. 

There is a lot in our lives that we can take credit for, the jobs we have earned, the people we have loved, and the people we have become. There is also quite a bit for which we have no credit but still get to enjoy just the same: the universe, the planet, nature, life itself.

Taking a moment away from the ego that focuses on our talents and accomplishments to instead pay respect to the greater forces, higher powers, and beings responsible for all of this beauty is important.

Joy to the world, yes, and may we feel joy for the world provided to us!

2. Life Is A Peace Of Pie, Get Yours!

How many people as children believed in some hope for humanity they called “world peace”? I bet just about every child has wished for this. I think most adults on some level still hope for it. And I’m not sure it’s something that will ever be possible. Too many competing interests and reasons to separate and potentially have conflict. But it is a nice aspiration and, more importantly for my topic this week, one that we all understand.

So, when I talk about inner peace, and finding your balance mentally, physically, and spiritually, you also know what I mean. Some people have an insatiable energy and passion. That’s great and when we are around them we feed off that energy. They accomplish great things.

However, some of that same group have trouble resting. Finding peace. They struggle with inaction, fearing it means lazy or unproductive. But we all must find the ability in ourselves to let ourselves settle whatever turmoil needs to be settled or issues need to be resolved. Peace. You owe it to yourself! 

3. You Don't Have To Be Will Smith To Pursue Happiness!

Happiness is so important the founding fathers of our country put it in the Declaration of Independence. That pursuing happiness is one of the greatest endeavors we will ever undertake. 

They were also smart enough to realize that no one, not even the system of government they were creating, can guarantee happiness for us. It is something entirely up to us to pursue, to create, and to keep chasing. 

We can consider it in the long term, our lives lived to their fullest and what that looks like in terms of our being happy with what we were able to do. It is also something to think about in every moment, every passing second. What in my life can I be happy about? 

I bet when you seriously answer that question, you will realize just how much there is. 

4. Fulfillment Is Food For The Soul!

It’s a great moment in our lives when we achieve a goal we have set for ourselves. It’s even greater when the achievement is reached within the context of the “why” behind our actions. When we have done all that we can do, with kindness in our heart and faith in our spirit, we are fulfilled.

And when these moments happen for us, we must acknowledge them for what they are, step back, breathe and pay a bit of gratitude for every person, every lesson, and every choice that helped us get there.

Fulfill up your cup, until it runneth over!

5. L Is For The Way You Look At Me!

Love is ultimately what it is ALL ABOUT. By it I mean life and by about I mean the bottom line meaning. To find people who love us and to find people upon whom we may bestow our love.

They say it’s better to have loved and lost then never to have loved, but when you have love, you can never lose. When you turn the motivation of your actions, the intention of your aspirations to another (or many others) it’s a beautiful thing. 

I know the various theories of love explain it as an emotion or an action or any number of things. I say it’s everything. It’s why we do what we do and why when the world and life beats us down, we keep coming back. And the crazy thing I’ve found is that the more love you nurture and feel the more you are able to give. The power is infinite. Love is indeed a many splendid thing.

Who do you love? Let them know!

Thank you for following along all week as we dove deep inside the factors, both internal and external to ourselves, that can block us on our journey to becoming all that we can become and fulfilling all that we are destined to do.

“Life is struggle and struggle is life. Misery is optional.”

"What I believe, will be!


Personal Empowerment vol. 10 “Rise And Grind”

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"Grind For Ours"

I think it’s about 30 years or so that the word “grind” has been used extensively to describe people’s effort to pursue the thing they most want at any given time.

The word itself is harsh and describes a sort of unpleasantness where two objects meet in a way that creates friction and the end result could be like the gears in a car engine without oil, it seizes and won’t work anymore. Or, it can sharpen like steel, into a point that is useful and maybe even impressive.

The result of the grind, whether you’re left unable to move or left sharpened and ready for action, is up to how you direct your energy and take control of your grind.

Follow this week as we look at the grind we all face and the aspects that can help us release our champion!


No matter what we want out of life, it’s going to take work to get it. That’s the trade off. You have skills and time. You want vacation, time with family, a bigger paycheck, whatever. You trade your skills and time in pursuit of those other things in exchange. And the bridge between the two is the work we must do to get there.

The grind is that it’s constant. The need to work for what we want never ends. What we want may change. Our skills may change. The need to use those skills to get what we want, that never changes. It’s a grind.

And as we continue on whatever path we have chosen, there are moments that we’ll dislike something, there will be times of frustration and displeasure. That’s also certain.

What separates the people who have achieved their dreams and continue to achieve their new goals from the people who seem to just never catch any breaks, is typically a willingness to fight through and continue to grind during the moments of unhappiness or doubt or any of those other negatives. If it were easy, everyone would do it. It’s not easy. It’s worth it!


We all know those people, they seem to have a sixth sense or just something embedded in their DNA. They will find a problem for EVERY solution. Matter of fact, they probably will have 5 more on top on that. They are cynical and uninspired but masquerade as “realistic.”

Luckily, there are other people who belong to their own group on the other end of the spectrum. They will work to find a solution for any problem, believing anything is possible.

To be a champion, I think it’s obvious which group we must belong to. And I get that we all come to this journey at our own pace, so I’m not saying those on the cynical side are not welcome. Not at all. They are the people maybe most needing to hear the message. We must exercise patience and understanding. We must be here to support when they eventually join us.

It is our duty to instill in them the knowledge that we know so well. When it rains, excuses get you soaked. Complaints will leave you dripping wet and miserable. Solutions, the difficult work, the umbrella so to speak, will keep you dry and let you keep going.

And the crazy, ironic, mind-blowing thing of it is this… most of what you complain about today, you’ll be wishing you had the ability or opportunity to do it once it’s gone. Retired athletes need an outlet for their competitiveness. You, as well, will find when the grind stops, the music is no longer playing, where and when will you dance again? Don’t take your chance to grind for granted. Embrace it and roll!


As we know, hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. Now, there may be some extreme examples like Kareem Abdul Jabbar probably beats me at basketball no matter how much harder I work at it than he does. But, we don’t throw away the general concept for the occasional outlier. Rather we understand that to get what we want is to win. To win we must work. The work is the grind. It’s really interesting how so many of these lessons are really just like math. They hold true wherever there are people.

The best way I’ve found to put myself in the position to win and achieve what I want is to look at those who came before me. To take the parts of their experience and path that make sense for my own and just follow those same steps. Life is hard but it doesn’t have to be complicated. The grind is hard and puts pressure on us. It doesn’t also have to be calculus.

Start from the end and work backwards. Define what a win is for you. What does that look like. Then what do the steps to get there look like. Then, what does where you are right now look like. How do you get from point A to point B? That’s your grind. The sooner you get on it, the sooner you get toward it and the sooner you get that win. Go win!


Because the concept of working for what we want is so natural to us, we learn to create our lives around the moments when we must focus and get after it. What that means is that as we push through our journey and understand that we keep the machine going even through displeasure, we get used to it.

When you lift weights your hands may develop callouses. Your body isn’t used to that friction and your skin builds up a hard defense. In the same way, the more you grind and push yourself the more you get your mind and body accustomed to the work.

Eventually, you own it like any other part of your life. And when it’s gone, you may be in a state of chaos. All your attention was focused on this goal, this win, this outcome. What happens when it’s gone? You need other outlets.

And these other outlets that provide a space for our energy, for our attention, keep us stable. We get to a point where we feel a need to stay busy. We need something to do. So, at times we must create a grind of sorts to keep us from going crazy. Our families need us to.

For me it’s the gym. Putting in that work, seeing the results and feeling the results, helps me clear my mind and be sharper for the next challenge. Maybe it’s not the gym for you but some other activity that is in itself a grind but at the same time is helping keep you balanced and centered mentally. Grind on!

5. Inactivity

Part of our experience as people is an enjoyment of food. Celebrations are almost always accompanied by some sort of special meal. After a long day with a lot of success, we often treat ourselves to a great meal. During periods of heartbreak and self-doubt, we medicate with food. Man, food is just a part of our lives and beyond simply keeping us alive. We love to eat food that tastes good.

So, make sure you do. Make sure you set aside time to nourish your body but also get those pleasure receptors in the brain going with the food you love.

To stay on this grind and get to your destination, you have to take some enjoyment out every now and then. You have to allow yourself a moment to just soak in some good stuff.

Then you’ll be ready to get back at it and looking forward to the next celebration, the next moment to smile, the next ultimate cheeseburger from Jack in the Box!

Thank you for following along all week as we looked at the grind, the process, that we must follow to achieve what we want in our championship journey. The grind is a necessary aspect to success. But it doesn’t have to break us down. Rather, it can and should sharpen us.

“Life is struggle and struggle is life. Misery is optional.”

"What I believe, will be!


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Personal Empowerment vol. 9 “Powerful Beyond Measure”

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“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

 I love this quote by famed spiritualist, Marianne Williamson. Our power is truly limitless and if we aren’t prepared for the results of our implementing that power, we may scare ourselves with all we are able to do.

Join me this week as we look at the numerous ways in which we express our power!

Power in the most common sense of our language means the ability to act or produce a result. So when we think of our own power we should think of our ability to produce the results we seek and the factors that play a role in aiding or hindering our potential to do so.

When we frame our thinking this way, then before we do act, we should ask ourselves which people around us are helping us cultivate our power, which environments, which jobs, which choices. All of these will ultimately have a role in the development of our potential to act and then the outcome of those actions.

For me, my source of power and ability to act in any given circumstance is my faith. It is unwavering against all odds. It balances those moments of negative self talk and provides the spring board of sorts from which I can believe and ultimately will achieve. Power. You have it. I have it. We have it. What is yours?

1. Putting The "Motor" In Motivation

Because power is an ability to act, to exercise our power means that at some point we actually do act. However, we also know that bodies, including our own, don’t just move or act on their own. They, we, require some exertion of energy and a direction and an environment conducive to our action(s). Well, for us as conscious beings the energy to act requires motivation. We must feel the urge, the internal drive that tells us to move toward some destination, push toward some outcome, reach some goal.

Our power can be great and we owe it to ourselves and the people who count on us to nurture and control that power. And to do that, we must exert our power and believe in it, in ourselves. And none of that is possible without being motivated. Motivation can come from outside us. And sometimes external motivators can provide a boost, a 5 hour energy shot of adrenaline. However, the long, sustained feeling of motivation must ultimately come from within. That we will act, we will produce results, we will let our power manifest. And we will do it because we must do it.

2. Get Yo Mind Right

Every day it seems I’m learning of a new cleanse. There’s some fad where you’re supposed to drink maple syrup and water all day. Maybe the result is what they promise. Maybe it’s all just a marketing ploy for maple syrup. I really don’t know. But I do understand the concept of cleansing. Book shelves collect dust, electronics start to slow down and our cars need regular oil changes. Our bodies are no different. And neither are our minds.

As we discussed yesterday, our power is only generated by our motivation. Well, our motivation starts in our minds. We conceive of the world we want, the relationships we want, and the future we envision and pursue. That conceiving, happens in the mind.

This means you will never really succeed to the extent you could have unless and until you cleanse your mind. Clear out the negativity, wash away the doubt and self pity, and find your true mindset. Who are you? What are you capable of? Wouldn’t you love to find out? Save the maple syrup for tomorrow’s pancakes and develop a thought process of intentionality and deliberate greatness. Your power is in your mind. Let your mind run free.

3. Winning Isn't Everything, But It Sure Is Fun

It’s easy to draw parallels with sports and life and when it comes to the concept of winning, it’s no longer even metaphorical.

In my sport of football, when we look at the NFL, we could ask who is more powerful Tom Brady or Blake Bortles? Tom Brady. Why? Because he produces results. And those results are wins. Those results are championships. There’s a reason when he speaks in the huddle his teammates pay attention. And you have the same power.

I can hear the naysayers now, “how can you say I have the same power as a 5 time SB champ?” I’ll explain. You see, Brady was a 6th round draft pick back in 2000. He was an afterthought among coaches and scouts around the league. Even in college Michigan fans couldn’t wait until his predecessor, Drew Hansen, took over.

But when Drew Bledsoe of the Patriots got injured, Brady stepped in and won. And the team kept winning. And they won a Super Bowl. And from that winning, he kept the starting job. And he kept winning. All it takes sometimes is one win. That moment when our motivation and cleansed mind come together and our action takes us to the promised land.

Al Davis famously said “just win, baby!” And that’s what I hope for you. Wins on wins. So go get some!

4. Gratitude Is Your Attitude

While we are all individuals with our own strengths, weaknesses, passions, and motivations, we are also part of a collective where we understand and recognize similar circumstances, challenges and obstacles. Our recognition of these shared experiences allows us to imagine ourselves in another’s shoes.

What this means for us is that when we look at people who are successful, maybe to the level we aspire to someday, we can be assured that they faced many of the same problems that plague us. And we know by their success that they must have reacted to those problems in a way that allowed them to keep on track. We know that it is their attitude that allowed them to not get knocked out course permanently by any setback.  And we know that attitude is one thing we can control.

So I ask you to always be aware of the power you have over your attitude, that whatever negativity may have you ready to explode, it’s not unique. Countless people have gone through similar. What separates the ones who triumph over tribulation and the ones who fail is ultimately their attitude. Be humble. Be grateful. Be ready. Ready to act.

5. The Golden Rule

My good friend Simon Sinek (ok, ok, he’s not really a good friend, but he does seem like a good dude) has said “a boss has the title but a leader has the people.” Man. If that doesn’t sum today’s topic up beautifully, I don’t know what does.

We can strive for positions of power and the money, fame, influence that come with them but true power isn’t in our job title. It isn’t in our position where we expect people to listen to us because we are the boss. No. True power is found in those who are confident enough to let other people shine. People who recognize the power in others and are excited to help release it. These are the true leaders, the truly powerful.

Rare is the occasion that a man or woman succeeds because he or she was ruthless, heartless or lacking compassion. Instead I would argue that for those folks who do behave that way, they actually have limited their success and for all they have could have even more had they learned to treat others better and see others not as stepping stones or tools to use at their discretion but rather allies with their own talents and power ready to assist and build greatness.

Your power isn’t threatened by mine. Nor mine by yours. We can truly be powerful together. For that reason, it makes sense for us to seek supporters, teammates, friends. We all benefit by sharpening each others’ minds. How does that saying go, “the toes you step on going up the ladder may be connected to the butt you kiss on the way down.”? Even if that’s not the exact quote. You get the gist. Treat people well. That’s power.

Thank you for following along all week as we looked at the power within us, all of us.

We have the power to transform our lives, impact the lives of the people we love, and ultimately achieve all that we are called to be!

“Life is struggle and struggle is life. Misery is optional.”

"What I believe, will be!


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Personal Empowerment vol. 8 “Life And It’s Many Blessings”

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Life Lessons For A Champion!

Winning is great but a champion wins with consistency, discipline and gratitude. This week we’ll look at three areas where we can employ all of those factors and build for ourselves a championship life. Come along for the ride!

1. Winning Since Birth!

Consider the miracle of life… have you considered it lately? It is quite the miracle. Even for those who don’t believe in any sort of spirituality or religion, they may call it something else, but it’s a miracle nonetheless. We are miracles.

Hundreds of millions of sperm race to the finish line, facing likely death and destruction. One. One of them makes it alive. You. Miraculous.

And it doesn’t end there. The entire pregnancy is a balancing act of a new environment, physical development and ultimately a new human being where before there wasn’t one. It truly is remarkable.

So recognize the odds you overcame just to be here, just to get to experience this thing called life and figure out how to best capitalize on it. Whatever that is for you, I can’t decide. I can’t tell you the meaning or purpose of YOUR life. I can only tell you that there is one. And you owe it to yourself, out of respect for the challenges, obstacles, and other adversity you have triumphed over, to TRY to figure out what that is.

I say “try to” because perhaps we never come to know our meaning or purpose, but it is the PURSUIT of the things that set our soul on fire that is what it all ultimately is all about.

I don’t know. I’m still learning as I go. And one thing I have learned is that we won just by being here. Now let’s go be champions!

2. Just Do It. Just Get It.

Nike has the famous “Just Do It” slogan. Stop talking. Stop thinking. Stop over-analyzing. Do it!

Whatever it is that want out of life, you must DO SOMETHING to get it. You want some new, fresh material things like a car that sparkles in the Summer sun? Gotta work. That house down the street with the manicured lawn and space to run laps? You got it, just gotta work for it. Or maybe it’s the spouse to love and support you as you build your life. Well, they’re just growing out of the ground like cabbages waiting for you. You have to make yourself worthy of their time, attention, affection, and love. Again, work.

I don’t make the rules of life, I just observe what works and produces the results I want and what doesn’t. And I’m not special, I’m from Pomona. If it works for me, I know it’ll work for you.

I also know formulas work in math and they work for our experience as well. And here is one that I think we all must understand,

want -> plan -> do -> get

Figure out what you want, and we all want something. Figure out what you must do to get it. Do what you must. Get it.

For some us, we still don’t really know what we want. We may call this condition “aimless” but they may just need some encouragement or help tapping into their motivations. Perhaps they don’t think they deserve to want anything. We must help the people we know who feel like this push through.

There’s some who know what they want but don’t know what to do. We must educate them, coach them, show them the way. Not out of judgment, out of love.

Then there’s the people who simply don’t do what they have planned based on what they want. From the outside, these are the folks we call “lazy” (if we were the negative, judging type. But we’re champions and instead of pointing out flaws, we look for strengths). So, when we see people in our lives struggling with the “doing”, reach out, learn from them what challenges they are struggling with, and then offer the support and guidance that you can.

While it ain’t easy, it is simple. To get what you want, make a plan, DO THE PLAN. Get it!

3. Soul Not For Sale

I think there’s two ways to approach today’s topic. One, moment by moment, choose to do the things that you want to do, that you like to do, and that you feel some sort of fulfillment when you do them. We only live once and that time should be spent on the things that move us; make us dance. And frankly, I love to dance!

Now, when it comes to these moments and how we spend our days there are things we can’t avoid: the DMV for example. Nobody wants to be there, least of the employees it seems to me. But we must. So maybe to keep your spirit high on those days, plan something fun after. DMV in the morning, taking the kids to the park in the afternoon. Balance it out.

The second way to look at this is on a fundamentally deeper level, your life and what it is meant to be.

Our system of commerce and community necessitates that we trade our time for the resources we want. Money is the most commonly exchanged commodity for our time and then we use that money in exchange for the goods and services we desire.

While these are the types of transactions we must participate in, there will be those among us doing work they don’t like, dreaming of a better day. I sympathize with them. We all should have some understanding and compassion for those who feel stuck in this way.

But we can’t remain stuck. Nothing changes if nothing changes. And that starts with belief. We need to believe we can do something before we’ll spend any of our precious time trying to do it. I believe in you. I believe in all of us. That we CAN change the trajectory of our lives, no matter where we are. That you don’t have to keep doing what you don’t want. That all that life should bring to you and your family is there for you to grab it. It’s not easy to turn the Titanic around and 10, 20, 30 or more years of living, and doing whatever it is you do, is difficult to change as well.

But it starts with the belief. I believe. Do you?

Thank you for following along all week and as always, check out the website and social media for all the latest news, events and messages to release your champion!

“Life is struggle and struggle is life. Misery is optional.”

"What I believe, will be!


Personal Empowerment vol. 7 “Progress”

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"The Process Begets Progress"

Progress is a forever journey. Every day, every moment, we are changing. How we spend that time determines whether the change is progress or decay. We want progress.

This week we’ll look at some of the steps that ensure the progress we want is ours.

When the innovators of a given time leave their mark, create the new technology and advance us forward, it all begins with a vision.

Perhaps one of the unifying qualities of all humans is the ability to dream, to ask the “why not?” to question the way things could be better. If that’s true, if we do have the vision inside us then what separates us from the Elon Musk’s and Nikola Tesla’s of the world? I would suggest it is their belief in their vision. It is their willingness to work on making that vision real and their overcoming any fear of failure that may keep our visions forever in our minds.

Even if you’re not in a place where you think you can change the world, remember you are the only one in position to change your world. So even if you aren’t working on the next rocket to Mars, you are working on something. Some kind of growth in your personal and professional life. That growth is progress and that progress requires the vision.

If you can’t visualize the outcome, how will you ever know what the outcome looks like when you get there? How can you measure success without a vision of what that success looks like for you?

The vision won’t be exact. The reality won’t ever be identical to what you created. But it does provide the framework, the foundation, upon which we can move forward in our pursuit of the championship life.

1. TCB: Taking Care of Business

One of my personal favorite rock songs. Taking care of business… everday… and working overtime.

Your life is yours. You share it with the people who come in and prove to care about you and that you in turn care about. If you’re lucky, you have love and compassion and support around you. But it’s still your life to live. Your choices to make. Your progress to work on.

And as you work on that progress, new and challenging obligations present themselves. To get to that destination you have envisioned it requires YOU to step up and handle it. You can and should lean on those around you for help but ultimately, the responsibility of seeing your progress through is yours alone.

So handle it!

2. Graduation Day: Never

When we start on our championship journey, the world around us is in a certain state. It might be something as grand as a political system or structure (for example envisioning your future in the Soviet Union was likely a lot different than those same people envisioning their future after that nation fell) or it might be something as benign as the weather changing. In any case, we can’t predict the state of the world we will live in as our journey unfolds.

The way we still arrive at our destination, the way will still become champions, is by learning. We take in new information. We process the new and changing environment. We learn what is now asked of us and we apply whatever skills we have to progress through those new challenges.

If we set out with the mindset that we know enough and close ourselves off from the possibility of new and better information, we severely limit the heights to which we can achieve and we even diminish the very likelihood that we will succeed at all.

Grab a book. Grab your Google. Read. Immerse. Learn. Progress. The championship way.

3. The Winning Way

The journey of the championship life is long, at times difficult but ultimately rewarding. Are we all guaranteed to get everything we envisioned and set out to get? No. But that shouldn’t be the expectation nor the standard to which we hold our lives and then conclude if we missed out on X, Y, and Z it wasn’t worth it at all.

Instead what we must do is focus on the things we did achieve along the way. The wins we did enjoy as part of the journey. Because when we win and recognize when we win we enjoy it. We pick up momentum and our belief starts to take over.

In basketball, they say a shooter just needs to see that first shot go in. Mentally just that small win sets the tone for the rest of the game. In life, our progress, it’s the same thing. When our brain recognizes achievement it gets energized. It wants more. It goes after it.

For some us that win might be a key executive meeting with us. For others it might simply be getting out of bed that day. No matter how big or small it may seem, a win can carry us through and that is progress.

4. One Day or Day One?

As you look around the business and personal growth landscape, there are “hacks” all over the place. Growth hacks, productivity hacks, relationship hacks, travel hacks. It’s kind of silly if you think about it too deeply. The purpose these hacks serve, however, is to add convenience or save us time. And that’s a good thing ultimately.

One way to discover new and effective “hacks” is to understand the mechanisms of the human brain. While we all have our own individual thought process, some brain activities are shared. One such thing is the effectiveness of accountability on us reaching a goal.

When we feel that we are accountable to getting something done, we want to avoid letting someone (including ourselves) down. For whatever reason, we have been given the blessing of expectations and we must live up to and meet those expectations.

One small but effective way to make ourselves accountable is to actually write (or type) down the things we want to do by a specific deadline. The deadline is the key. Without any clear time frame within which we want to accomplish something, what is the motivation to prioritize it and actually get it done?

We must see, in real life, the expected result and the expected day of completion. That gives us the urgency and energy to get going. So, get going!

5. Be Consistent

The great Yogi Berra once said, “if it ain’t broke, don’t break it.” I think that’s what he said. Really, I have no idea if that’s what he said. He could have though. Because it makes all the sense in the world.

As we get going on our championship journey, we may start to see some familiar surroundings, some familiar faces and then familiar results. As people – some more than others – there is often a need to change things up. We love variety, right? It’s the spice of life after all. However, that’s not necessarily the best thing for us to sustain the success we have earned or to continue the path we have blazed.

That’s not to say change and variety aren’t worthy of our time. It is to remind you that depending on the timing of the change it may take you back to step one. It may create an entirely new and more difficult journey. It may take you further away from your vision. So I’m simply telling you to keep that in mind.

But also keep in mind, that even if your vision changes. A banker from Goldman Sachs wants to go live with the Pandas in China, for example. The same rules of making that vision a reality apply. See, the steps that bring us progress are the same whether that progress is an increase in income or an increase in spirit. And they all ultimately require that we be consistent.

Going back to our friend Yogi and the sport he played, baseball. A pitcher doesn’t practice throwing 10 pitches right handed, 10 pitches left handed, 10 pitches with a cartwheel and then 10 pitches backwards. He throws with the same motion and wind up every time. The consistency of that allows him to perfect his release and location and find success: striking out batters.

Find what works. Then do it again.

Thank you for following along all week as we dove deep inside the factors that help us achieve the progress that we want to see in our lives and the lives of the people who rely on us.

“Life is struggle and struggle is life. Misery is optional.”

"What I believe, will be!


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Personal Empowerment vol. 6: “Entrepreneurship”

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The world’s movers, shakers, and trail blazers all share characteristics. This week, we’ll look at what some of those are.

1. Face Everything And Rise

More than anything else, entrepreneurs are problem solvers. They provide a service or product to solve problems for clients. They provide employment opportunities to solve income problems for job seekers. They solve problems.

The thing is, when you enter the “problem solving” arena as your motivation you fundamentally change your positioning on the train. You ever take the family to an amusement park like Six Flags? Maybe you went as kid. Either way, you know when you see those massive roller coasters that excitement for and anticipation of the ride that awaits you has you running to the line. They often let you sit in whatever seat you want. First row. Second row. Last row.  You choose the experience you want. The train chugs up the big hill. The people in the first row get the first view or experience of the track. For them the course is a series of unknown twists and turns coming into focus. For people in the seats behind them, they experience the same course but only after the unknown was revealed to the leaders in front.

Entrepreneurs are the people in front. The people who brave the unknown. They are willing to set out and make a trail where there once was none. They open the door into the room marked “uncertainty.” They walk in understanding that whatever determination they’ve made on positives and negatives, they must proceed. 

Do entrepreneurs live and achieve in a world absent of fear? No. They manage the fear. They refuse to let whatever fear there is paralyze them and keep them from their achievements.

2. Wisdom Over Theory

If we’ve already established and agreed that life is simply a series of choices, which lead to outcomes, which lead to destinations, then we can ultimately decide for ourselves if the outcomes we’ve achieved are in line with what we set out to do.

Along that journey, those series’, we will no doubt encounter harder times and bigger challenges than before. The hope is that when we come up short in some of these instances, we learn from them. We take what went wrong and apply new information, new skills, or even a new mindset and attack once again.

That experience gives us wisdom. That experience gives us a familiarity that we’ve been here before, we’ve seen this monster (whatever it is) before, and we can and shall overcome.

Theories and ideas are great and have their place along the journey as well, don’t get me wrong. But if we are to take control of the problem solving, which is what entrepreneurs do, then we must move forward out of the land of ideas and into the world of actions. Win or lose, we seek the wisdom that will come and the chance to apply it later.

3. Build A Strong Team

No man is an island unto himself. No entrepreneur is an island in business with nothing but himself. Or at least no entrepreneur with the hope of lasting long.

Understanding the tasks that you personally are good at and then the tasks that you personally must delegate is a critical component to sustaining success and growth. If you’re a great closer in sales, don’t delegate that role to outside help. That’s your bread and butter. Find the folks who can help set up the appointments for you to close. If you’re a great graphic designer, don’t delegate the design to others but find the sales and relationship staff to help bring new clients to you. 

Everyone has their talents and everyone has their deficiencies. Identifying where yours are as the entrepreneur can help you then find the best people for the roles you need that boost. 

When we were having success with the Boise State football team, we didn’t play the QB we played because he just asked to do it. It was because he had the skills and experience to fill that role. Likewise with our linebackers and every other position. Pairing talent with need is the name of the game.

Of course throughout the process you may come to identify new strengths or new weaknesses. Be willing to adapt your personnel as that new information arises. You may already have relied on some flexibility with regard to your product and service. Show some of the same flexibility with your team. And keep moving towards that finish line.

4. Can't Stop, Won't Stop

When it comes to sticking to the course, the important thing is to stay the course. So easy. But oh so difficult. Perseverance is a virtue for a reason. Oh, it isn’t? Well it should be. Along with patience, which I know for a fact is a virtue, perseverance is necessary. Read that again. N-E-C-E-S-S-A-R-Y.

If you are an entrepreneur yourself, you already know. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, now you know. I don’t know the guarantee for your success. No one knows that. Remember our first video this week, we talked about the fear of the unknown. As an entrepreneur you’ve already embraced that unknown, you’ve sought it out. But what I can promise you is that if you quit, you absolutely WON’T get to your destination. That is a guarantee.

When you buy stocks, the price may fluctuate and at any given time your balance may be lower than you invested originally. You can panic and sell and take what’s left and realize the loss. Or. You can remain patient, keep your money there and ride it out as eventually it grows. Patience vs quitting. 

Again, I can’t promise you that having patience will always eventually work out. I can only promise that quitting will never work out.

5. Inactivity

In my conversation with sales professionals aross the country, I’ve heard the phrase “motion creates emotion.” If a salesperson feels down or lethargic, often just standing up at their desk and moving is enough to jolt them back into focus. 

“Coach V, are you saying don’t ever rest?” No! Not at all. Think of your muscles when you workout. To grow and get stronger, they tear, they, hurt, they’re leaving their comfort zone. To take advantage of the work you put in, rest is necessary. To heal. Your personal and professional development is the same exact way. 

Our championship lifestyle, that we hope to instill and live by every day, requires us to rest. Reflect. Recover. But the rest only works after the periods of action. So get active. Be active. STAY ACTIVE!

Thank you for following along all week as we dove deep inside some the factors of entrepreneurship and how, as aspiring entrepreneurs, we can set ourselves up best for long-lasting success!

“Life is struggle and struggle is life. Misery is optional.”

"What I believe, will be!


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Personal Empowerment vol. 5: “Championship Lessons For A Winning Life”

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"Championship Lessons "

Whether we win or lose, we must always find the lessons to learn and apply as we move forward.

1. Motivation: More Than a Noun

When you wake in the morning, every morning, what drives you? In current discussion this is called your “why.” The reason you put on that suit, drink that extra cup of coffee, bang out that extra rep at the gym, or whatever else it is you do. Why you do it will ultimately control how long you do it and the enjoyment you get out of it.

For some people it is their families; the people who depend on them. For others it is to make a lasting difference or legacy in the world. Whatever that “why” is, it will keep the fire burning.

No matter who you are reading this, following our video series, and looking for that champion life, you are at one of these positions along the journey:

  1. Haven’t yet identified your “why”.
  2. Have identified your “why” and are beginning to pursue your goals with that driving you.
  3. Have achieved great success through your “why” and look forward every day to achieving even more.

The thing is, no matter which of the three positions you would say you currently occupy, you have to keep moving.

If you’re stuck at #1, reach out to your trusted network with questions about what they see as your interests and passions. At the same time, reach into your soul. Dig deep and find what energizes you.

If you’re at #2, congratulations! You’re that much closer to the life you want. Stay the course. Set short term goals and knock them down regularly. In the NBA they say a lot of guys need to see that first shot go down. Mentally watching the ball go through the hoop sets the tone. It builds confidence and just acts like a snow ball picking up momentum rolling down the hill.

Those little, regular goals act the same way.

For those already at #3, just be mindful of the complacency that can set in. It’s natural. But, we can fight it. We must fight it. It’s great to be a champion once. Even greater to be a champion forever.

2. Whining Gets You Nowhere

I’ve mentioned before how great of a parallel sports is to life itself. The concept that whining gets you nowhere is just another such way that we see a tremendous overlap.

Turn on the TV any given week for a football game, or evening for a basketball game, baseball game, you get the picture. And I promise you that you will see players and/or coaches arguing with the officials. Now, in my experience as a player and a coach, I have never once experienced an argument with one of these referees where they said, “you know, that’s a good point. I was wrong. Call reversed.” Of course, in many sports now they do offer instant replay, and calls get overturned. Keep in mind, this process is only allowed for a select few circumstances and it requires a specific procedure and the standard is “uphold the call on the field BUT FOR irrefutable evidence.” This means that, what, 90% of all calls we think are bad never get turned into our favor? So, what does the whining and complaining get you?

And here’s something else to consider. Even if you think, “nah, Coach V, I’m going to blame others,” that’s certainly your right but keeping this on the football field, after a bad call against you, as a coach you still have to call plays, players still have to execute. You can’t “blame your way down the field.” If you felt so aggrieved that you just had to keep dwelling on it, you’re going literally get multiple delay of game penalties and end up shooting yourself in the head (not just the foot). So, don’t let that happen.

Bad things happen. Uncontrollable things happen. Whether I’m a great coach, a great motivator or anything else you turn to me for, I can’t keep those things from happening to you. You can’t do it for yourself. What we can do is push through regardless. What we can do is learn the lesson regardless. What we can do is keep trying to improve. 

That’s what I’m here to help with. That’s what I’m here to help you recognize. Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we respond.

Don’t respond by whining and placing blame. Respond with strength, dignity and the understanding that whatever adversity presents itself today can be overcome. You have that power.

3. Winning Never Gets Old

No matter how many gurus and coaches and motivators come along and reframe our thinking of losing, no matter how they redefine it for us, I promise you, it never gets fun.

You can be in sales and “go for the no.” I get it. Rejection and loss are difficult pills to swallow. By approaching that rejection with enthusiasm we can trick our brain in a given moment to not shut down. If that keeps you pushing toward the one “yes” then by all means, whatever you have to do. Do it.

Just understand, the reason you have to essentially trick your brain or learn to approach the loss that way is because losing SUCKS! It just does. It’s also inevitable. We’re all going to lose at something. How we respond to the loss is what makes us champions. How do you respond?

When you ultimately win, do you relish in the great feeling and just let the enjoyment wash over you? Nothing wrong with pouring a little champagne in the locker room or dumping the gatorade on the coach in the immediate aftermath of the win. It feels GREAT!

Just don’t let it go to your head. Don’t stay popping champagne 3 months later. There’s another season headed your way, another obstacle to be ready for. Be ready. Enjoy the win. But be ready.

4. Family [Dys]Function

If ever you doubt the veracity of some concepts of how to live your life, one way to tell if you’re on the right track, find the ideas that are consistent from culture to culture. If there’s a saying in Hebrew, Spanish, Russian, English, Tongan, whatever, espousing the same idea… believe it!

Thousands of miles of ocean and land separate people and if they understand the same truths, yeah, you can probably accept them as standards to follow.

One such standard is airing of family dirty laundry. There quite literally is a phrase or saying for it all across the world. Because we all understand, deep down, we shouldn’t do it.

Keep problems in house, keep drama for the movie screen, and keep your life moving. Even if you find people willing to engage your dysfunction, they are likely even more dysfunctional and you can what, dysfunction together? Where is that leading you? What are you accomplishing in your life in that space? N-O-T-H-I-N-G!

Handle family business as a family and go out into the world with your head high and your feet on the ground. 

5. Aloha Means Hello [and Goodbye]

For those who have been following along this past month, you’ve already read my thoughts about sacrifice and in economic theory the concept is “opportunity cost”. Because our time and resources are finite, we choose what we want directly, and by doing so, choose what we don’t want indirectly. 

Sometimes it’s obvious. To get more muscle tone we must sacrifice our body fat. We put in work at the gym and clean up our diet. That sacrifice is obvious. 

What may not be as obvious is that to get what we want in life, material gains or just quality in terms of happiness, we might have to sacrifice some people, long term relationships to get there. 

We talked on Monday about motivation and the sheer joy we feel around motivated people. Where do unmotivated people fit in then? If they’re relatives, we can minimize our interaction somewhat. Maybe we limit our time spent with them to just big family functions and holidays. If their lack of motivation is benign, we can maneuver around them and keep moving. Close friends as well. We can decide the extent to which we cut their time in our lives down.

What we also must be aware of are the people who are motivated, but in the wrong direction. If you were training wind sprints, you might tie a little sled to your waist and put some weights on it to add resistance. And that is some kind of resistance, no doubt. However, consider tying that same rope or bungee cord to another sprinter and have them run in the opposite direction. If their pull is stronger than yours, not only are you not getting closer to your destination, you’re being pulled completely off course.

To those folks, we must say aloha. Goodbye.

To the ones here to cultivate a championship life for themselves and have shown to be positively motivated in their own lives and working in unison with us… oh man, to them we SCREAM aloha. Hello!

Thank you for following along all week as we shared some of the important life lessons to reaching our championship potential. Be sure to tune in every day for videos and other words of encouragement as we look to get the most out of this thing called life! 

“Life is struggle and struggle is life. Misery is optional.”

"What I believe, will be!


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Personal Empowerment vol. 4 “Value: Our Worth or Usefulness”

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Things we consider to be of high value are worth the cost of our time and/or money. It’s not enough to pursue our personal things of value, we must also work to provide value for the people around us.

Value. Five letters but a whole lot of meaning. Is it the worth of the success we are chasing? Is it the character that we are and keep working on that allows people around us to count on us? Is it the knowledge and experience we have to get a job done for an employer? Is it the development of spirit and faith that makes us a positive influence on our communities?

YES! All of it. The law of attraction informs us that whatever we spend our time focusing on is what we will attract into our lives. This could be positive or negative. If we agree that positivity is more aspirational and therefore more valuable, then we must be conscious of the positivity we are exuding and attracting. 

When we attract that for ourselves, we become more valuable resources for our loved ones and community as a whole. We also put our mindset in the right place to continue going after the achievements and life that we want. Be value, be a champion! 

This entire week we’ll be looking at different components of value and how to implement high value practices in our lives. Join me!

1. Give More & Get More Value

I’ve read different people, thought leaders, professionals… experts. They all seem to say in some form or another that you, and me, we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. If this is true, and I tend to think it is, then we must appreciate and respect the value that those five people bring to us and the value in turn that we can offer them.

The more value we add to the people around us, the more we help them grow. The more they grow the more value they can return to us. Value for value. 

Proverbs 27:17 tells us that iron sharpens iron and we, as people, sharpen each other. Add value. Get value. Add more. And the cycle continues.

2. Value Costs Full Price

My wife loves a sale. She searches high and low for the best price on all kinds of products we need as a family. Her diligence is just one of many reasons I love her so much. Unfortunately, there’s no discount when it comes to the dreams, goals, and ambitions that we pursue. We don’t add those to our “cart”, enter a coupon code and wait for the world we want.


Instead, we understand the things in life worth having, the dreams worth pursuing are of high value to us. Things with high value come with a high price tag. That’s just the way it works.

Economics is essentially the study of choices people make with the resources they have for other resources they want. There’s an exchange. And whenever that exchange is made, the opportunity to obtain something else is lost. That’s opportunity cost.

The same works for us as people in our relationships and our pursuits. As soon as we identify what is most valuable to us, we pour our heart and soul into cultivating those things. However, in doing so we do lose out on the chance for other things. Opportunity cost.

The price for what we believe is valuable is high. There’s no getting around it. But if we are aware going in, we can prepare ourselves and push through.


3. Add Value To Your Surroundings

A rising tide lifts all boats. And luckily for us, we are in control of the tide we create. In this case value. And the great thing is that as we show our worth, prove to others we are the kind of people they can rely on, we not only help them directly but become the people they will remember and be open to working with and helping when the time comes for that.

Everything in life ebbs and flows. There are ups and downs. Trials and triumphs. But there is never a time when we are not in a position to add value. There is never a time when we cannot rise to meet the challenges placed upon us by the people depending on us every day. And when we channel our energy toward community, toward kindness and toward gratitude (the things that are truly valuable) the world has a funny way of rewarding us in kind.

Be the rising tide for your community. Watch as every boat sets sail. And revel in role you play in cultivating that for others.

4. Learning About Others

It’s a great, big world out there. 7 billion people and hundreds of cultures. Think of all the experiences, the stories and the traditions that have shaped so many communities and individuals. When we talk about value, would we say it’s more valuable to learn or to remain in the dark? I think we all would answer that very quickly: learning increases value. 

If that is true, then traveling and being exposed to all those unique cultures will do nothing but add value to our lives directly and then add to the value we offer in service of others. There’s no downside to spreading your wings and flying. Or at the very least, sitting in a chair on a plane and letting the pilot do the flying. Either way, the world, the people, and the value await us!


5. Work To Get Better

“No one ever said it would be easy, just that it would be worth it.”

Think of the achievement you are after as an Olympic high jumper who must clear a bar set a certain height. He breathes. He looks at the target bar and landing spot. He shakes his hands and does a few jumps to calm the nerves. And it’s on. He approaches, leaps, turns, lays out and just as he clears the bar, his leg hits it and it falls. He fails. He goes home. He trains again.

At the next competition, the judges come to him and say, “we heard you missed this height before, we’re going to lower the bar for you.” Would say thank you for lowering the bar and making this easy for me? Or would he be offended, say forget you people, put that bar back at the right height and go after it again?

I think anyone with any level of competitiveness and pride in our effort would find the value in conquering the more difficult height. Well, our own personal value works the same way. If we identify things of value for us and our first, second or third attempts fall short, we must avoid the appeal of re-targeting our sights on something easier. Instead, we must concentrate on getting better. Improvement from within is what will ultimately get us to our value. Keep working. Keep training. Get better so you can get better.

Thank you for following along all week as we dove deep inside the ways we pursue the things in life we find most valuable but also how we can work to become people of value for those around us.

“Life is struggle and struggle is life. Misery is optional.”

"What I believe, will be!


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Personal Empowerment vol. 3 “Change and Transformation”

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"Change Would Do You Good"

Not just the title of a hit song in the 90’s, change can be just the thing we need in our lives. Not ALL change is good, however. What can we do to help make sure change is in our favor?

1. We Must Change

We’re all here to get the most out of our time. What that means for me or you or whomever else is up to our individual passions and pursuits. So those things are entirely our own. Unique.

What is not unique, what we all share in fact is that in order to get where we want to go, we must change some thing (or many things) about where we currently are.

It might be our physical location, where we live, where we work, where we put our attention. It could be a change in the amount of focus we put on any given thing. But the bottomline is, we must change!

“to get something you’ve never had, you must do something you’ve never done.”


2. Start Over From The Beginning

Every change that we hope to make in our lives comes with a learning experience. If you really strip it all down, life itself is just a series of experiences that teaches us something in that moment that hopefully we can use when we recognize similar circumstances later on. We would like for all experiences to be more pleasure than pain, but we can’t ensure that.

What we can ensure is that when we succeed the first time out, we test the process again, and again. Maybe it was fluke. Doing something once doesn’t mean we’ve figured out how to repeat it. We must learn in these moments of victory, or we may never taste them again.

We can also ensure that when we fail, we don’t give up. We learn from what went wrong and if it really matters, we come back and take another shot at it. Win or lose, we’re learning. Or at least we should be.

Sometimes we can get far enough down the road that we lose sight of where we came from and lose sight of where we really are on the journey. The journey will always take us to places we’ve never been before. In those moments, it is OK, yes, I’m telling you it is ok to find a familiar place, a comfort zone, where we can recalibrate and go back after it once again. 

Think about the mountain climbers scaling Mt. Everest. They don’t just start from the bottom and end up at the top in one attempt. They gradually work up to an elevation level then drop back down. They acclimate. They go farther the next day. They acclimate. They finally make their peak assent from a position they’ve built up to.

Making change happen in your life can sometimes require the same process. It is a process. One step back, two steps forward. One step back, 100 steps forward. Recognize when the steps back are necessary for you. 

3. Put In Constant Work

When it comes to bringing about change we can turn to two (very different) means: revolutionary and evolutionary. 

Revolutionary change is sudden. It’s noticeable. On a grand, macro level, it is violent. For our personal lives it may be suddenly deciding to leave a job. Relocating to a new city without a plan. Quitting smoking, or some other vice, cold turkey. There are times when we may really feel a shake up of this magnitude is needed. A jolt. That’s not really what I’m talking about this week.

Evolutionary change (in contrast to revolutionary) is procedural, methodical, and deliberate. It often goes unnoticed while the process is underway but when you take a moment to pause and reflect you see just how far you’ve come. 

Maybe it’s starting a new fitness routine. We may have our eye on a promotion and we work out the steps to earn the necessary recognition. We want to upgrade our house, so we start saving. Saving money and withdrawing from the bank at the right time: evolution. Walking into the bank and withdrawing as part of a robbery scheme: revolution. 

The reason I’m more focused on the evolutionary change is that we have control of this process. We identify where we want to see change and we have the power to start acting, start changing. Self-empowerment. That’s the name of this whole series for a reason: we are powerful whether we know it or not. Sometimes we just need to be reminded. This is your reminder!

Make consistent, gradual, incremental changes. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Before you know it, you’ve devoured the whole thing. Change. 

4. Don't Be Scared To U-Turn

Not every road we travel will lead to the desired destination. We know that. If you didn’t know that prior to this, well, you know it now. At the same time, not every obstacle is a reason to turn around. If you remember our article last week, we talked about the importance of a faith system. Here, we must trust in ourselves that we know the difference between a temporary obstacle to push through and something more permanent, more detrimental. 

As I’m sure you noticed, this is closely related to #2 in this series. Let me appeal to an analogy we may all (at least the husbands out there) be familiar with. You’re on a trip, driving along the highway. You have your significant other riding shotgun, maybe you’re holding hands and just feeling good. Like Smokey Robinson says so soulfully, “cruisin’ was made for us.” You’re kind of lost in the moment and BAM! you miss the exit.

You have (3) options as I see it: 1) you swerve late and cut across traffic, endangering everyone (this might be revolutionary change); 2) you keep going and say, “let’s just ride till the wheels fall off.” Picture Kramer in Seinfeld when test driving a car until it completely runs out of gas. Just like the two crazy men in that scenario, you may find some excitement at first – going with no plan. However, reality will eventually hit and the air will be let out of that balloon. It’s not a viable solution; 3) you calmly proceed to the next exit, get off the freeway, turn around and head back to where you should have exited. 

While choosing #3 isn’t the most exciting of the options, it will get you back on track in the most manageable way. And no one’s life will be threatened. Make the u-turn!

5. Focus On Yourself

Life, the universe, our spirit, these are wondrous things with limitless qualities. The imagination, the hope, the dreams of people are infinite. However, the things we actually have control over and can change are not infinite. Not by a long shot.

Shall we run down the list of the things we do have control over changing? Our choices. Our reactions to other people’s choices. Our beliefs. Our learning. Our attention. And there really isn’t much more we can say with any confidence we control; that we can change.

If we understand that we can’t change other people’s actions, choices, attention, reactions then we should understand taking on that responsibility will only lead to disappointment. So, really, truly, understand, you can’t make anyone do anything you want. You can’t make other people change the things you want changed.

To borrow from my good friend Gandhi, “be the change.”  You. Focus on you. Leave the rest to the rest. Handle you.

Thank you for following along all week as we looked at change and transformation. We must change. We must understand what things we can and can’t change. We must recognize the process that creates change. Don’t rush it! 

“Life is struggle and struggle is life. Misery is optional.”

"What I believe, will be!


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