Personal Empowerment vol. 8 “Positively Yours”

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Personal Empowerment vol. 8 “Positively Yours”

May 10, 2018 | vchamp | personal development


No doubt some people are more naturally prone to an upbeat, optimistic and positive worldview. They see the good in the people and life around them. Others of us aren’t as fortunate. We must work to trick our natural tendencies toward the doom and gloom. But, the good news is that no matter how foreign positivity may seem to us, we can implement deliberate choices and strategies to make that change.

Positivity week. Welcome and let’s get at it!

Every breath is a blessing. An opportunity to win, to learn, to pursue and ultimately to progress.

Blessings are the things which we have been given outside of our efforts where all that is asked of us in return is gratitude and the understanding of the value of those gifts.

We may be blessed by loved ones helping us in times of need. It may be a spouse stepping up to handle a responsibility on one hand so that we may focus our attention on a goal we set on the other hand.

This week we will be discussing “positivity” and how that mindset can influence everything from our personal and professional growth, health, and well-being. I invite you to follow along with our daily talks and to find the value in positivity on your championship journey!

The blessings are around us and there to be recognized. One love. Ofa Atu.

1. All That We Get To Do.

We all have those moments where we hate our jobs, wish we could just lounge around and wear pajamas all day. Heck, some of you may have jobs that allow for that (like if you work from home let’s say). That “Monday feeling” is so deeply shared by all of us that we all know exactly what it means. However, when you stop and reflect on it all, how great is it that you, me and we get to wake up and solve some problems?

When we’re in the midst of some problem it may have us thinking in that “grass is greener over there” mentality. But there’s no grass greener, no deeper pride felt for us as human beings than solving some freakin problems. And that is what our job pays us to do. Take your skills, your experience and create solutions. Awesome stuff!

And it’s not just our jobs. Within our family dynamic, if you’re the breadwinner or if you’re the planner, if you’re the cook or the cleaner, or if you’re any mixture or combination of those things (and I’m not here to say who in your family should be doing those things) you are asked to solve problems. The rest of the family depends on you and trusts in your ability to get it done. Again, how awesome is that?

So when we talk about positivity and changing our mindset start with the words and phrases that we use in our internal dialogue. Instead of the dreaded “man, I have to do this,” try changing it to “man, I get to do this!” See if that helps.

Except if you have to go to the DMV. That, I’m afraid, no amount of positivity can change.

2. Be Positive, Attract Positive, Multiply Positive

You know for this one I had to look up some math questions. Like we all know that a negative times a negative equals a positive. We were just told this as fact back in our middle school or high school days. But did any of you ever stop and ask why? Well I just did this week and what I learned is basically a (-) x (-) equals a positive because any other result breaks the system, crashes the math. Or to paraphrase my good friend Sherlock Holmes, when you identify what would be impossible then whatever you got left over, that is what has to be true. So basically we aren’t making heads or tails of that any time soon. Unless you’re a mathematician then by all means.

Unfortunately, life and our brains don’t work like that. Negativity times negativity just gives you negativity… at exponential levels.

For this particular concept, we might look at the law of attraction. Like energy attracts like energy. Positive people seek out and surround themselves with positive people. And the result is also exponential.

3. The Friend Within

The world is a big, sometimes scary, sometimes aggressive, and almost always unfriendly place. Think about the people in your circle, on your team and then think that there are nearly 7 billion others outside that collective you call your network. And all 7 billion have wants, needs, and goals just like you do. And all of those things they aspire to require resources, just as you require resources for your endeavors to come to be. That’s competition. There’s no escaping in our lifetimes. So go out and win those competitions and get what is yours.

However, there is another competition we face, one that does more to prevent us from our achievements and championship life that we seek: ourselves. There’s quotes for everything and this is no different. “Self doubt kills more dreams than fear ever will.” You could also replace “fear” with “outside forces”. No matter how big, fast, strong or talented our external competition may be, it lacks in every measure in comparison to the competition we create internally that prevents us from moving forward.

A shift in your personal dialogue to something more positive and reassuring can set the table for you to get after those goals and capture that flag. As kids it was a literal flag on a grass field. As adults, it’s more likely a promotion, newfound spiritual growth or something along those lines. Either way… be a friend to yourself and recognize the great things within you!

4. Upward and Onward

I want you to do me favor. Trust me, you’ll enjoy it. The next time you’re walking down the street and you make eye contact with some stranger walking the other way… smile at them. That’s it. That’s all you have to do. Just smile.

Now, some people have that natural, kind of creepy awkward smile or something. You know what I’m talking about. If that’s you, then practice to get that right. But, for most of us, a smile is a simple way to indicate connection, recognition of our shared experience, and of course, all wrapped up in a positive, pleasantly inviting package.

And if you do this for me (well, really you’ll be doing it for yourself and the person toward which you direct it) I promise you what will happen: they’ll smile back. They can’t help it.

Smiling is contagious. Positivity is contagious. Share the love. Share the light. And you don’t have to be Irish to share those smiling eyes.

5. Positive Mindset

You ready for some “hashtag real talk”? Of course you are! That’s why you’re here and that’s what I’m hitting you with today and every day. The real.

Check out the blue text below. Life is struggle and struggle is life. Misery is optional. And the option is within our minds. We can’t control many things in the world and that surround us here on Earth. We certainly can’t control the people around us (parents will know what I mean all too well). But we can control the approach we take to each new set of circumstances and each new environment we find ourselves in.

Positivity is that mindset that tells us what can be done and ultimately what will be done. It is affirmative and confident. When we are positive we generate influence, provide great counsel and change lives. We become the kind of people other people gravitate toward and want to be around. We become the reason for our success and a messenger of hope for those looking to follow in our footsteps. We change lives. Most of all, our own.


Thank you for following along all week as we dove deep inside the importance of positivity and making those changes in our way of thinking to bring about the positivity we need to take our lives to the next level!

“Life is struggle and struggle is life. Misery is optional.”

"What I believe, will be!


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