Release Your Champion “Power Lunch”



As one of the country’s renowned motivational speakers, Viliami Tuivai (Coach V) is a source of inspiration and instruction for numerous CEO’s, business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders from all types of industries, who have a desire to be a champion in every area of their lives.

For over a decade now, Viliami’s dynamic personality, matched with his unique style of speaking and presentations have caused captivated audiences to believe in themselves and create successful strategies for their personal goals. Ultimately providing them with the necessary steps to achieve their desired results through his Life Champion, Five-Phase approach.

As a Master Speaker, Viliami ignites the hearts of all he encounters and encourages them to courageously face the struggles and challenges that impact their daily lives. With authenticity and a great sense of humor, he masterfully connects with his audience by sharing his personal life experiences, which include his challenges and his failures, as well as his triumphs and successes.

He encourages his audience to continue to actively pursue their dreams so that they can live the quality of life that they have always desired. Ultimately, his goal is to awaken in you, the type of audacity that creates action. Action that will transform your life and leave a lasting positive legacy.

As an immigrant from the South Pacific Island of Nukualofa, Tonga, Viliami struggled with learning a new language and culture after moving with his family to America. Because of these struggles academically and culturally, he was characterized as an under-achiever. However, despite this negative label, Viliami always maintained a spirit of determination and perseverance, which catapulted him from humble beginnings, to now living the American dream with great success. Early on in his life, he realized the intrinsic power of believing in oneself. In trusting that dreams are a necessary tool to power that belief, he gained confidence that his ambitions and aspirations would be achieved. With this newfound motivation, Viliami began to form, implement, and utilize the important life lessons he now shares with his audiences.

As the time of his youth passed and he entered his college years, Viliami became discouraged and mis-directed, but through hard work and motivation he ultimately went from being a potential ‘college drop-out’ to being a proud college graduate – the first in his family. During those years of higher education, he also progressed from being a walk-on college football player, to becoming a team starter, and ultimately Captain of his team. After graduation he continued in sports becoming a volunteer coach for college football, followed by a promotion which led to him becoming a full-time College Linebacker Coach and Recruiting Coordinator.

During his time at UC Davis and Boise State, Viliami’s professional NCAA college football career, includes a staggering record of 125 wins and 18 lessons in his 11 year NCAA experience. 8 years at the Division 1 level, included the following: 7 conference Championships, 8 Bowl Game appearances, and 2 Bowl Game Championships, and 2 BCS Bowl Championships.

His calling and desire to positively impact the lives of people is surpassed only by his commitment to his faith and his family. He is the loving husband to his wife Martha and dedicated father to his two children, daughter, Susan Mele, and son, Viliami Semisi, Jr. Currently Viliami is the CEO and President of the Invictus Foundation, a growing non-profit organization that serves to reach at-risk youth. Teaching them vital life lessons through sports, teamwork, leadership training, and college vision casting and giving them the tools to be successful in their personal and professional goals.

Drawing from his wealth of championship opportunities and extensive training experiences, Viliami calls on his audiences to engage and invoke the strategies necessary to succeed. A positive quality of life, successful career fulfillment, and financial freedom are all obvious results of achievement, but the true reward is the one that is attained when you apply and implement the five phases which are outlined in his dynamic presentation.

Coach V is the consummate Master Motivator and Life Coach for today’s elite leaders. Relentless in his efforts to positively impact his immediate community and the nation at large, Viliami is inspired to make a positive change in the lives of all of those who are in need of motivation for success.

He has said that “Life is struggle, and struggle is life”. However, when an individual applies the life lessons offered here, it will yield the championship results for the individual personally as well as professionally. When Viliami infuses his customized presentation, with his authentic high energy and passion, it immediately causes an internal transformation that ultimately leads to successful results.

You can follow Coach V on all his  social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn. His first book, “Life Champion-Life Lessons That Yield Championship Results”, was released in May of 2015 and is now available on Amazon.com.